Glenn Beck: “You know, Bob Bilderberg”

If you still believe Glenn Beck has never heard of the Bilderberg Group, and this is the reason he doesn’t cover them on his “truth” programming, here’s more evidence of the cover-up of the power-broker bosses he is keeping hidden from view. When you think of Beck from this point on, think of a Bilderberg minion, whose job it is to deflect awareness away from his bosses.

On January 7, 2009, published on the Glenn Beck website, the article entitled, “Where’s the Amero?” is there for us all to read.

The piece, in large part, is an interview with Dr. Michael Lynch who stressed to Beck in a radio interview on September 27, 2007 that Mexico was collapsing, and the Amero and North American Union was not far off. Beck was with CNN in 2007. And, thanks to Glenn, he has provided us with proof via a transcript on the interview with Lynch from his own website.

In an effort to discredit Lynch, Beck sarcastically taunted Lynch about the Amero coming into play (clip from the 2007 interview):

DR. LYNCH: Within a year from today more or less, Mexico will change their currency from the peso to the Amero which will reestablish a new Mexican currency by October —

GLENN: Let’s make it by January 1st of 2009. And if they haven’t changed their currency, if we haven’t changed our currency and we’re on the new Amero.

DR. LYNCH: Right.

GLENN: Here’s what you have to do. On November 1st if I still have a greenback, that is the government-issued tender, you come on this program and you must deny the existence of the Bohemian Grove.

DR. LYNCH: I can’t because assuming people —

GLENN: No, no. No, no, that’s the deal. And if I —

DR. LYNCH: I don’t want to lie on your program, you know.

GLENN: And if you’re wrong, then we’ll do a special on the Bohemian Grove.

That was the clip from the original interview in 2007.

In a follow-up interview in 2009, Beck had Dr. Lynch on the show again to collect on his bet regarding the status of the Amero, and to take another shot to discredit anyone looking into secret societies.

 But hang on, something is just not right here.

 Take a look at this clip aired on CNN in October 2008, where Beck in a panic is warning the public of the drive for a One World Government and One World Currency.

2008 is sandwiched between 2007 and 2009, right?

Beck, in 2007 interviewed Dr. Lynch, critical of his belief that there will be the Amero by 2009 or 2010. Mockingly, Beck makes a bet with Lynch that if the Amero is not in place in 2009 or so Lynch would have to also eat crow on the existence of the Bohemian Grove.

But, in 2008, Beck comes on CNN in a panic that they are going to a One World Government, One World Currency, and the New World Order. This further supports the interview Beck had with Ron Paul on the Texas corridor leading to the NAU and a One World Government. Forget the Amero, I would assume, Beck is saying they are going for the gusto – straight to the New World Order!

In the following 2009 interview with Lynch, Beck discredits the idea of the Amero yet again, denying America is heading to a North American Union. Was there a brain cramp somewhere that we missed? How does Beck go from discussion of turkey lurkey and the sky is falling in 2008 to everything is fine, Dr. Lynch, and by the way, now I am going to make you eat crow on the Bilderberg Group too:

(From the follow-up interview in 2009)

DR. LYNCH: 2010. 2010. With that —

GLENN: Will you deny the existence of a Bilderberg?

DR. LYNCH: No, I can’t.

GLENN: You know, Bob Bilderberg.

DR. LYNCH: Pardon?

GLENN: Of just Bob Bilderberg, not all of the Bilderbergs, just one of the Bilderbergs if you don’t get it right this time?

Deny, discredit, mock, and any other means. From One World Government back to discrediting someone that would even say the Amero is coming. Make sense?

Beck doesn’t stop there in defense of his bosses, oh no. Check out a few moments later in the interview:

GLENN: How did it get — let me ask you this: How did it get into the bottle of champagne or wine? Were the Rothschilds involved?

DR. LYNCH: With a Rothchild?

GLENN: Well, the Rothchild, you know, they helped bring World War II about, you know.

DR. LYNCH: The Rockefellers I would say would be the best people to interview because they have the long-term goal on this.

GLENN: Is it possible that Dan is part of the Bohemian Grove, my in-studio producer?

DR. LYNCH: It’s possible that any journalist can be a part of the Bohemian Grove. I mean, that’s not a —

GLENN: I haven’t received my invitation yet.

Even though  the invitation to the White House dance wasn’t offered to Beck so he would  look like the bad guy against Obama, there is a better chance he’s gotten an invitation from a Bilderberger or two.

There is at least one consistency in Glenn Beck’s message. He is loyal to his masters’ will.

Even if they are hanging him out to dry!


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