Peter Orszag: ‘Used’ by Bilderberg

Was Peter Orszag just not cut out to be a Bilderberger? While he was on the list for the Bilderberg meeting in Spain this year, would he have been looking forward to the trip? Apparently, his thought of resignation from his Budget post was in the works for months.  

Would the trip to Bilderberg become the icing on the cake and  final confirmation that led to his resignation and departure  from the Obama Administration and perhaps politics altogether?

The following observations will outline a picture of a likeable man.  A man who seemed to have genuine interest in his field, a very learned man.

 Orszag attended undergraduate school at Princeton and in 1991 he earned his Economics degree “….graduating summa cum laude. He then traveled to study at the London School of Economics as a Marshall Scholar, obtaining a master’s and a Ph.D by 1997″.

He, in short must have developed a passion for economics. His presentations support that claim. A dynamic presenter, when he is”on” he is convincing. He is no doubt proud of his knowledge, and it was obvious he was eager to put it to work. There did not seem to be a “hidden agenda”. Orszag comes across as someone truly concerned with doing an honest job. And this is an important distinction from the norm of double-speak, the Bilderberg agenda disguised as something good. We have seen this in our analyses of Niall Ferguson, Martin Feldstein, Robert Rubin, the team of war “sellers“, and others. So, Peter Orszag is refreshing in comparison.

Aparently Orszag had a few mentors, and Robert Rubin his last. Would Rubin be assigned to shape Orszag, and turn him into a true Bilderberg minion?

Orszag’s political  journey is interesting because he served first under the Bush Administration as “Head of the Congressional Budget Office (Jan. 2007 to Nov. 2008)”, and then later under Obama. He, no doubt a Democrat, earned his appointment as “Director of the Office of Management and Budget ” , and it must have made the appointment all the sweeter.

Orszag without much doubt wears his personality close to his sleeve – his emotions clear, and when uncomfortable, it is obvious. In Washington he must be well liked, and would offer a unique credibility to the political process. His knowledge and passion an asset,with little doubt.

Doing a little digging, it becomes clear that the reason for Peter Orszag’s resignation is disappointment, frustration and disillusionment. Economics in practice not matching theory.  He may not have known the reason for this. He was serving  Bilderberg, not Democrats and Republicans. Perhaps he was to learn the true Bilderberg influence.

Our series of videos may help  paint a picture – a  progression of passion lost, regained, and lost again.

Under Bush, the biggest frustration without doubt would have been the ever-increasing pressure from mounting Iraq War tension. As the country suffered financially, Orszag was put in a position to explain this to American people:

Orszag was the scapegoat while President Bush concentrated on eloquent speeches complete with vague sound bytes to support the troops and the “war on terror“. The Bilderberg mission was to occupy the areas surrounding those countries not convinced that world government was a good idea. Was Orszag aware of what he was budgeting?

One thing is clear, he did not seem to argue on the point of flagrant spending. There was no defense of the war budget. That in itself spoke volumes. If Orszag was oblivious to Bilderberg he would have grown increasingly weary of the attack from all fronts on spending gone wild. And, it was not about to change anytime soon.

When Obama was elected in November 2008, Orszag, no doubt would have welcomed the promise to pull out of Iraq – the troops, Obama would claim, would be withdrawn. We all know this did not happen, and the war went on. The Democrat new boss was the same as the old boss. Was Orszag  catching on, realizing the transition from Republican to Democrat in the White House was meaning little. Did he suspect it was Bilderberg he was working for  and not simply a “Democrat”?

Perhaps in an effort to effect true change, Orzsag had reason for hope with his appointment as Director of the Budget Office.

Visibly enthusiastic, Orszag showed he was just an average guy in this clip:

Unfortunately for us all, Orszag’s passion for sharing information via the internet isn’t shared by the controllers in  the White House weary of those waking up.

Even more tragic and directly affecting his post, it is fairly apparent Orszag was misled to believe his boss would welcome fiscal responsibility  and commit to tackle the budget deficit.  That was the campaign promise. It was the promise entering the Presidency. What changed?

John King was the first of many to perpetuate the exposure of a losing cause. There was no solution, there would be no newfound respect for his talent with the Democrats either:

In defense of the new boss,  the important observation is to note the level of belief Orszag had, that things would be different. It is not the demeanor of a man who is setting in for a long-haul of explaining away lies. It is clear he was passionate in defense that things would change, and be different.

 He along with much of American bought into Obama’s Hope and Change . He would be deceived.

While Orszag pushed for deficit reduction and fiscal responsibility, the White House policy was becoming clear:

Other members of Mr Obama’s economic team, notably Lawrence Summers, the head of the National Economic Council, have placed more emphasis on the need for continued short-term spending increases to counteract what increasingly looks like an anaemic economic recovery in the US.

Summers, a Bilderberg member, along with Rahm Emanuel were effectively tying Orszag’s hands and his ability to do his job. The mission of Bilderberg was to effectively spend the country into oblivion, and if Orszag has the integrity he seems to have, it would no doubt have played a role in his decision to resign.

Obama, the ultimate Bilderberg puppet used Orszag as did Bush. The legitimate nice guy would have been a nice addition to the Bilderberg minion count –  a wholesome “sell”, and welcome change of   face for Bilderberg. After all, who wouldn’t believe Peter?

Showing true lack of character, Obama  admitted it wasn’t necessarily his credentials that were of interest, as he dubbed him “…..a “propeller-head” because of his brilliant facility with projections and spreadsheets“. Forget the more important reasons of integrity, morality, competence, and a sense what’s right, Obama would have no need for those qualities.

In short, Peter Orszag would have to lose himself and his integrity to stay at his job. For a man as dedicated as he , a crying shame.

Macro Economics in  Washington is beoynd tainted – it’s criminal. And thus, they did not deserve to abuse a fellow like Orszag.

Peter Orszag without doubt came to realize that something was very wrong in Washington? Did the trip to Sitges, Spain make it crystal clear?

Peter Orszag  the self-professed “super-nerd” was a misfit – a square peg in a round hole, but a Bilderberg lacky he was not to be. He was a clean spirit in a pile of dead, political debris.

And, as there is no honor among thieves, nor should there be the honorable amongst the corrupt.

So, we will see more fallout moving forward. There will be more resignations  as corruption and greed magnifies. There will be more Bilderberg regulars not wanting to be seen, and some will refuse to remain a  part of the clan.

As Glenn Beck admitted on his last show, “we have a tale to tell, but not today”.

There is a story that underlies all the smoke and mirrors. A story that perhaps some are not at liberty to disclose because of their background. Perhaps because of fear, or allegiances, or past or present employment. The truth is here somewhere.

And for Peter Orszag, after enduring much slime in Washington, he may someday have a tale to tell too.

But for now he will move on,  hopefully hug his family and gain a new appreciation for life.

Perhaps he has seen the dark side that so many of us are waking up to. It is the Bilderberg Group – make no mistake.


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