Help me put the pieces together on the Conspiracy of the Derivatives/Housing Scandal

To make a very long story short, we need to team up and do some digging  -0n YouTube, google, etc. The really neat thing about that is that google and YouTube may be Bilderberg-controlled, so we can use the very tools they use against them. Ah, poetic justice.

Some of you may have no clue as to what I just was getting at, but others who have clued in to the NWO (New World Order) as “derived” from Bilderberg and other control groups, you know exactly what I am talking about.

So here is the challenge. Can we use this blog by sending comments to expand upon the Bilderberg Group members responsible for the instigation of the Derivatives Scam?

Let’s start with this overview.

Bill Clinton was convinced by Robert Rubin and others to allow Derivatives without regulation. Clinton claims that the argument was that they were “too complicated” and that only the rich investors would buy them so “the big bucks” would be reason for these investors to get the details. We all know now that was a lie, and an excuse. In fact, the local law authorities in Virginia are likely looking into this right now, so the more we give them the better.

So, Clinton is “convinced” to allow derivatives by Rubin and others (Bilderbergers all!) and later apologizes for it (see the piece on Rubin and the band of Ponzi Schemers).

But wait, it get’s better, Bill Clinton goes on several, cleansing the conscience talk shows and gets an artificial sense of relief. I wonder if he actually believes the stuff that comes out of his mouth? I heard people who perpetually bend the truth tend to make that a habit.

Here is Clinton on the View (2008):

Worth thinking about over and over, Rubin convinces Clinton to allow derivatives, and by the above video, Cllinton justifies the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, with the argument that there will be regulations now for the very derivatives that he admits he should not have allowed in the first place. Oops Bill Clinton, you are sounding like a true Bilderberger now – create a problem (allowing derivatives), then watch the pain that ensues – then bring in the solution (the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act (Nov 99) – otherwise known, and perhaps a sick joke (Bilderbergers love those), cheap shot, the Financial Modernization Act of 1999. Phewie!) .

Problem-reaction-solution, of course! Way to go Bill!

Here are a couple of videos to tell you some more on Glass-Steagall:

I can’t help but keep thinking of the very loaded with evidence YouTube clip above. He tells us that in his Administration, the economy was good (applause). Great, but when he allowed derivatives and later repealed the G-S Act, he ensured that his departure would pave the way for the destruction of the economy. Think – is that how it works? An entire Act is killed with a conversation between two people? Like saying, “They told me the big money would ensure the derivative risk becomes known?” Is Billy Clinton kidding us? Does he think we will buy the bunk? Silly us – we didn’t need to bother with a silly Act like Glass-Steagal, Bill makes it all so simple! Reminds me of George W. Bush telling his audience that obviously the television was on when he watched the plane flying into the first building on 9/11. Yes, make sure the people know the T.V. was on George, that will give your story credibility! Did he know about 9/11 in advance? Might explain why he sat with the kiddies in that classroom practicing that look of concern. Problem: no television footage was available for the “first” plane. Oops!

The derivative scandal was a true tag-team play between Clinton and Bush (two Bilderberg boys), furthering the goal of their true bosses. While the move would be responsible for the collapse of the economy, the American people would see it as a mistake. For the Bilderberg Group (the true masters of both Clinton and Bush), it was a victory.

So, here’s the deal. Bill goes on to explain that those poor homeowners will have to have their mortgages helped out and renegotiated. Sounds great, does it not?

Don’t get excited. We must remember that according to another of the Bilderberg tag team, Marty Feldstein, there would be a way to ensure the mortgages stayed with the homeowners.

The kicker is, it wasn’t for the homeowners at all – it was for the bankers looking to squeeze every last drop out of the derivative/housing scam.

Let’s take a closer look.

The housing boom that was derivative-based drove up the prices of homes artificially. Then, the crisis hit, and Marty Feldstein would be the first to tell you “deflation bad” – we must not allow the house prices (that were artificially blown skyward) to drop. That, according to Marty (and as we can learn above, ‘ol Bill) would be bad for the economy.

Feldstein gives himself away though, he told us that people would walk away from their homes, and come back and buy at a lower price. And what would be wrong with that Marty? The market will have corrected itself from the scam imposed by you and the other Bilder-bums!

Marty Feldstein can be found on YouTube everywhere explaining his latest scheme. And, no doubt Billy Clinton approved.

It goes like this.

A portion of the mortgage would be carved out, and both the mortgage and the new loan would bind the borrower to both obligations. This, Feldstein would tell us is good – because the borrower keeps his home.

Well, looked at another way, it’s bad, because it guarantees payment of the inflated house price further squeezing the homeowner. It would be better to have rented and come back later. Walk away, declare bankruptcy, and effectively “just say no” to corruption, greed, and the banksters scam.

The example Feldstein cited, was for a mortgage of $400,000, where the carve-out loan is for 20%.

So, now we would have a house that has a mortgage of $320,000 so it is closer to being onside with the prices of houses in the market, but the homeowner is on the hook for both the $80,000 carve-out loan and the $320,000 mortgage loan.

Can we see how they with this scam would maximize what’s good for the banksters? Where is the deal for the homeowner again Mr. Feldstein, I seemed to have missed that part.

Bottom line – help me put more pieces together. Leave a comment below.

We can tie in the conspiracy fact that this was a staged terror attack on the financial system by the banksters in government and Wall Street. Let’s put the Bilderberg faces to the accusations some more.

Oh yeah, we are still just getting warmed up.

How’s the heart Bill? Oh, and send a message to Larry Summers too, won’t you? He seems a little fishy on the exit of Peter Orszag, with that whole let’s keep spending the country down the hole thing and all!

We don’t need to point out that Summers is also a Bilderberger do we?


6 responses to “Help me put the pieces together on the Conspiracy of the Derivatives/Housing Scandal

  1. When I was still in thrall to the old “left/right” paradigm I blamed all things Democrat, Clinton and Barney Frank in particular, for creating the financial explosion as part of their plan to expand the client state through social engineering. It was examination of the sub-prime mortgage crisis that opened my eyes for the first time. It just didn’t make sense that the actions and reactions through the worldwide economy could be caused by simply organic financial factors. That first step through the rabbit hole helped me understand the impact of the Bilderbergers and their manipulations to advance the NWO, and that every solution enacted benefited the international bankers and not the individual states and their citizens.

    Once you understand that all of the various government interventions (TARP, the Stimulus Bill, etc.) were simply a transfer of wealth from sovereign nations to the banking cartel, the picture comes into focus. The ‘hows’ of the financial crisis become less important than the ‘whys’.

    Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and now B.O. Soterro all serve the same masters. All a case of “meet the new boss, same as the old boss”. All have played their part in the greatest theft in the history of mankind. The question is what are we going to do about it?

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  4. benefitsontario

    Perhaps the White House would care to help us out?:

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    District Of Columbia,
    United States Executive Office Of The President Usa
    No referring link

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