Martin Feldstein and the “economic-sell”:Maximizing the derivative/housing scam’s effectiveness

First watch this interview of Feldstein with Charlie Rose, and see if you can pick off the agenda of Bilderberg – that is, the goal of wealth transfer from the people to the banksters:

At the 4:30 mark, Feldstein talks about mortgage replacement loans – great for the banks to maximize the bubble and keep the poor on the hook. The market should be allowed to correct to pre-bubble prices, because that was the true market value in the first place. Artificially keeping prices inflated from the derivative/housing scandal that his buddies at Bilderberg caused in the first place (beginning with the derivative market deregulation from Clinton, on through):

Here is part II:

Please make comments on all the “wealth tapping” points that Feldstein is selling in this interview.

Economics is a social science, subject to interpretation. And, he is a sales agent to give credibility to the process of reducing the wealth of Americans in favor of the banks. This is one piece of the puzzle of how the derivative Ponzi scheme was set up from Clinton on through to today, and is still underway.


One response to “Martin Feldstein and the “economic-sell”:Maximizing the derivative/housing scam’s effectiveness

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