Bilderberg: Putting a ‘face’ to the fight, and taking it to the streets

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Red Alert! We are entering a critical time in the info war.

We must, as emphasized by Alex Jones be critical of all things that sound good. They may have hidden agendas attached to fool us, or to make us react in a way that will be detrimental to the cause. As Jones’ analyses includes the very credibility of the latest entries to Wikileaks, there are more  tricks up Bilderberg’s sleeve to come. That we can be sure!

Let’s ensure we take everything with two grains of salt, not just  one. We are reaching critical mass. We are infowarriors sniping the targets of deception. They can’t see us, and they are upset. They need to change the game, to draw us out into the open. We are just too effective and elusive. They must “sell” the new fight. The reason is clear: We are waging an “info” war, and we are winning.

We are now at a critical juncture, as so well contemplated by Alex Jones and his expert guests. The big news – even Rush Limbaugh is in the fight. But, let’s be cautious, Jones would tell us, we cannot trust him. Is Limbaugh for real? Is Beck now “for real” too? Are we just painting the picture that cannot be avoided, that is waking even the most staunch of the neo-cons up, and making them join the info fight?

The timing is this: Obama’s internet kill switch is in the last stages of preparation. His finger will be poised , ready to strike when there are too many of us awake. He will be ready, looking for the excuse to pull the plug on the information that is getting too hot to handle. The information shared between bloggers the world over. And, we know it is not just bloggers – the people in general who don’t blog and are concerned with the goings on in the world will google and look at different perspectives. So, it’s really everyone who has access to a computer and free thinking that is the enemy to the New World Order.

We also know there is a false flag event somewhere on the horizon to serve perhaps a dual role – to save Obama going into the next election, and in order to do so, destroy the resistance to his mission and that of the Bilderbergers. And, the greatest resistance is currently staked out in homes the world over – ah yes, the bloggers!

Bilderberg has a problem. We are virtual. We are invisible. We are a threat without a name and a face. We cannot be brutalized by police as proven at the G20 meetings, year after year. We cannot be humiliated by strip searches, excessively cold temperatures in cruel cells. We are comfortably placed to think freely on our couches, or kitchen tables, or office chairs, cheerfully clicking the keys of information, and they do not like it.

They must draw us out in the open. They must bring the effective information “snipers” to the battlefield. While the true bosses of Bilderberg cower in hiding, they want to fool us into a fight that is simply not necessary. And to do so, they must pull out all the stops; use all the media influence they can. Would it include Rush Limbaugh?

Limbaugh is the most prominent name in radio. While his station and it’s parent have been looking for scraps of food, “Limbaugh’s living large”.

Alex Jones dedicated the better part of an hour of last Sunday’s show in discussion of Limbaugh’s revelation that the “ruling class in America are looking to consolidate power“, a non-partisan power play by the ruling elites in corporate America and offshore. Hold that thought, back to Beck…

On yesterday’s Glenn Beck show on FOX, Beck informed his followers that the enemy of America is not just against Beck, they are against his followers (viewers) – the Beck  manipulated  Tea Partiers. By ensuring there is little doubt, he has tied himself in with the  Tea Party Movement yet again, before making the call for action. Remember, he works for Murdoch, the Bilderberger.

Glenn Beck works for Rupert Murdoch, a Bilderberger. Let’s not lose focus on this.

In the latest plea, Beck claims it’s time  to take the fight to the streets in protest; it’s time to put a face to your protest. You must be drawn out.

While Bilderberg continues to hide, they are calling us out. Who are those that dare challenge Bilderberg?

This is not the first time Beck has asked his viewers to identify themselves.

Not long ago, he  asked us to fill out the Nolan Chart with radio buttons and easily traceable IP addresses. Bilderberg wants to know who the resistance is. They need to put a face to the keystrokes.

Beck explained on his program, that the method to be used was developed by the late Bill Moyer. You must remain involved is the argument, but how?  He has posted the plan on his website to ensure his viewers can study the plan called “MAP”: Movement Action Plan. It’s ironic that this MAP would be the chosen battle plan, considering it is a “progressive movement” plan for change.

While the notion of protest would seem on the surface noble, we must remember the recent past. What is the new dynamic in those protesting the New World Order? What happened at the G20 in Toronto to Charlie Veitch and others that were peaceful? The short answer – the game has changed. The peaceful are being demonized. They are being used as examples for others to see. They are being filmed on camera and humiliated. Protest, in short, is the arena for Bilderberg to flex their evil muscle. It does not support our cause or effectiveness.

The G20 is hyped as an event of radicals coming together, and the threat is so great that Toronto had to spend $1.2 Billion  to ” protect the banking system” representatives. Canada was put in turmoil, and the people of Toronto know something terrible happened to them. We have seen this the world over. It was about identifying the threat to the New World Order, giving them a face, and setting an example to scare off those that would consider opposing the new, global regime.

What’s most significant now, is it is apparent the odd G20 meeting has not been the effective means of fighting.

Jones’ films, shared amongst small gatherings in homes works.

Blogging, and the sharing of information not in the atmosphere of threat, but in the arena of calm reflection works.

True peaceful sharing of information works. It doesn’t have to be radical, it needs to be peaceful.

It never needed a protest that can be used by the globalists to impose turmoil, it can be done one on one, or in small groups hidden from Bilderberg view.

The truth does not need a group to seep into the minds of men.

So the question, how would Limbaugh fit? Can we trust him? More importantly, should we trust him?

Glenn Beck and Limbaugh are connected in a sense. They share the same radio employer – Premiere Radio Networks, a subsidiary of Clear Channel.

At this critical time, with continued stealth victory, Bilderberg and the New World Order is losing. By bringing in Limbaugh, would they have a strong and trusted voice to add fuel to the fire that Beck is fanning?

Would they be trying to bring the people to the streets so they can be identified?

And more importantly, would they be setting up a false flag event to demonize the Tea Party Movement and give justification to Obama flipping the switch on free internet speech?

Human nature is interesting. We tend to leave what is working.

Alex Jones knows that the sharing of information in a non-violent way is the best way to beat the globalists. Peaceful sharing of the truth cannot easily be monitored, and therefore cannot be demonized. The globalists are looking for a reason to justify stopping us from sharing the truth.

The globalists will pull out all the stops, and use all means and resources necessary.

So, when it comes to Rush Limbaugh  – is he for real, or merely a fellow neo-con ally in the game to support Glenn Beck?

They are two men with large paychecks. One works for a man with ties to Bilderberg, the other not so clear.

The question may not be can trust them but rather do we really need to?

Hidden from view we can effectively destroy Bilderberg and the global elite.  If we  focus on sharing the truth, and avoiding the violence they provoke, we can beat them.

The truth is all we need. And, the truth will set us free!


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