“Global Socialism”: That’s Beck’s Story and he’s stickin’ to it!

Glenn Beck said a while ago he was not sure what would become of himself.

He was facing criticism you know.

Could it have been the criticism of his loyal viewers that realized that he was covering up for his boss, Rupert Murdoch – a war “supporting” Bilderberg member?

Little doubt really.

The issue facing Beck is the hardest of all. It is how to spin the transfer of wealth issue and accusation away from it being a Bilderberg mission, to something, anything else.

Think, think team, what can you do to counter the accusations and deflect the spotlight from Rupert,  Billy Clinton, Rob Rubin, Marty Feldstein, David Rockefeller, the Rothchilds, and all the other Bilderbergers that are really doing this to the people of the world?

Think, think…..BINGO!

How about take that “Progressive Agenda” argument we have used before we got sidetracked into eliciting violence, and get back the mission at hand. It is Obama and his accomplices in the White House? They would just need to make sure we tie in the idea of “wealth transfer” so everyone gets off track and believes it is a push to “Global Socialism“. It will be perfect! The people might just buy it!

Found in the course, “Saving Glenn Beck 101” no doubt. But sorry, it is not available at time of print at Princeton U anymore than Rob Rubin’s “Ponzi Scheme 101”. Pity really.

Yes, Glenn will be busy in the next few days attempting to get the  spin train back on the rails and diverting information away from his bosses at Bilderberg. Why is this just not “so obvious” to everyone?

It is to many, and he has a big problem. There are many of us that are very leery of his spin on the issues; more every day.

He is going to have to explain how the derivatives scam went from Clinton, through the Bush Administration, and right through to today.

He is also going to have to answer for his latest statement that Obama does not want to “bail out the fat cats on Wall Street”, when many of us have clued in to the fact that he is a product of Wall Street. We know that Wall Street were his largest campaign contributors.

We also know that Beck supported the bank bailout, and Obama is in charge of the latest financial reform that will give the crooks on Wall Street the powers of “consumer protection”. That’s like putting the wolves in charge of protecting the sheep.

Yes, Mr. Beck has decided to save his own bacon, by telling us all that he believes this latest idea with all his heart.

And why not, it’s his last chance. He has no ability to join the Bilderberg expose club that the rest of us have joined.

A drag really, he would have been fun to have on our side.


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