A possible tale of a hockey team….that of course could never be true

The nice thing about possible tales, is that they may not really be true, or they could be part true, and the rest can be left to the imagination of the reader. Perhaps a few details can be changed, and change the story, or the ending, or whatever. A tale is a tale is a tale…..so use your imagination in wonder and amusement to find your own conclusion. There were clues that could be put together and it became sport just to wonder how the pieces of the mystery all fit together. Let’s start the journey, shall we…..

PART ONE – – How could you take away our hockey?

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a city.

They called the City Glendindorf.

There was nothing incredible about Glendindorf, except for the fact that it was very hot. So hot indeed, that it virtually never snowed. The people of Glendindorf wondered what it would be like to have snow, and to have cold temperatures like the people in Canuckistan, a country far away in the north.

But it was okay for the people of Glendindorf, because they often laughed at the people from Canuckistan. The reason – – they were awarded a prestigious honor to host hockey, where so many in Canuckistan thought it outrageous. You see, the Canuckistanis, that’s what they called themselves, were quite proud of hockey. They saw hockey as their national game. So, they were quite upset when it seemed that the Glendindorfers, that’s what they called themselves, were awarded a team.

It gets worse. The Canuckistanis lost their team that the Winnipiogians had in their town of Winnipiogo.

“Why it never even gets cold in Glendindorf! “They never skate on ice outdoors there. “How could they be given a hockey team, and the league tells us we are lucky to have been given the few we have”.

Sure, there were hockey fans in Glendindorf, but there were not enough. So the league was trying to figure out a way to bring in some rich owners. And, it wasn’t just Glendindorf that was the issue, oh no, there were other hot areas that were given teams that made the people in Canuckistan even more curious.

Now, Glendindorf was a beautiful town, and the air was dry. It was great for people with breathing issues like asthma, and so there were people who lived there that came from far away.

But Glendindorf was a small hamlet in a large territory, and the even greater territory was under criminal control. It would seem there was corruption everywhere!

While the hardworking people of Glendindorf were honest and sincere, and for those that loved their hockey, it seemed a shame they were surrounded by this corruption. It would seem that wherever a Glendindorfer was to look, he could uncover a rock, and find deceit. The town itself and its leaders were suspect. They could have become corrupt, as they were working with a band of businesspeople that were making deals at the expense of the townspeople.

There was a distraction that seemed to make it all okay though — they had lots of sports, and they had their hockey team. They were distracted enough, that it didn’t seem to bother them too long.

The leaders in Glendindorf were looking to grow large, and they wanted to make deals with the powerful business people to score all the sports teams in the surrounding land.

“Big, big we’ll be, ha, ha – – and nobody will say we are small and insignificant.” We’ll have them eating out of our hands, and begging for mercy”, the towns leaders could be heard bellowing.

The business people saw the greed of the town’s leaders and knew they could convince them to take on any deal, and their greed would get in the way of common sense.

It had worked throughout history, and it would work here, with the Glendindorfers.

Yes, the corrupt businessmen would convince Glendindorf to sell their souls, and their children’s’ children’s’ future to tax liabilities that would be never-ending.

They would build them an arena to house the hockey team that would be so expensive that it would become a marvel albatross hanging over their necks forever!

And the hockey league would prove to be ruthless and cunning, and look to find rich men to own these blood sucking leach hockey teams — having lots of money to be burned would be the only way they could find their names engraved on the owners’ parchments.

We will continue this tale soon…..

— End Part One —


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