How hard is it to obtain commercial credit in the U.S.?

Please see the following video of Bob Chapman in November 2009.

Bob is an expert, and his website is Here are his insights from 2009 through 2010.

Some of the points Bob covers in this clip:

  • collateral of 125% needed on loans
  • there are a whopping 2035 banks in the U.S. in imminent danger of collapse
  • no FDIC protection estimated by Sept. 2010
  • U.S. government in liquidity problem, needing to recoup $1.5 Trillion of the TARP by June 2010 or the dollar may collapse/hyperinflation
  • commercial real estate in terrible position and is going to implode
  • municipal bond (cities) defaults are expected to skyrocket
  • 50% of home mortgages are underwater (owe more than the house is worth)

Bob’s recommendations:

  • do not buy real estate
  • buy gold (heavy)
  • get out of dollars and CD’s
  • buy Canadian or Swiss currency

This was based on information he obtained in late November 2009 regarding the year 2010.

How did Bob do so far? Here is a very interesting piece from July 31st on the Fed that can answer that question.

Can we see any of these predictions based on trend happening now, or set to happen?

Incidentally, the globalists are pushing for consolidation of the banking industry to eventually get down to one world bank and World Government. The pressure on the banks set to be absorbed will continue to rise.

The point also here, is that borrowing for commercial (business) purposes will get tougher and tougher.

And yes, that would include financing for hockey teams.

Now, Arizona has other issues that need to be considered.

The most important at this time is to rally behind the State in it’s effort to fight the Federal Government on trying to push through complete “amnesty” for illegal immigrants.

If you live in Arizona, please make sure you are aware of this issue and support the State representatives.

And, as an addition, here is another man worth listening to. He is Gerald Celente, and he directs the Trends Institute.
His predictions for 2010. How accurate has he been looking at this year?

More on the tight credit issue for business:

Ice Edge meets Glendale deadline for proof of financing for

17 Jun 2010 I cannot see any bank with any brains loanig Ice Edge $200 Mil + for something If you can find a banker who will agree to those terms,…/iceedge-meets-glendale-deadline-for-proof-of-financing-for-coyotes-purchase-96594899.htmlCached

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