Hamilton Tap water: A “Clear Choice” or poison cocktail?

What makes the  City of Hamilton so sure the water is safe? And, why do they need to “sell us” on the idea?

A billboard sells the safeness of Hamilton, Ontario tap water - photo, CF, makeiteighteh

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>>>> Is our water safe ? <<<<

Why does the City of Hamilton feel the need to “sell” us on drinking the water?

One possible scenario to explain this may be in a possible sequel billboard, where the caption reads: ” We told you to drink Hamilton water, and now we will tell you why” — you really need  to stop buying bottled, spring water, because the plastic is getting out of control. You may recall seeing the lady in the kitchen on a tv ad as they show her drowning in the plastic water bottles she consumed in a year or so. Is that what they will pull out next? I’ll have my camera ready and waiting…….

And, oops yes, that is the reason, as outlined on this webpage, complete with video!

How often do you reach for a “convenient” single use bottle of water before you go to the tap to fill your glass or reusable bottle? It’s become a wasteful and expensive habit many of us have developed, one that the Water and Wastewater Group at the City of Hamilton wants to stop in its tracks.

Hamilton even won a “best tap water in the world award”, and the tasters said it tasted sweet. So, taste is important, but would it be enough to prove Hamilton tap water is the best, as in the safest, and most beneficial healthwise?

Is the choice really that “clear”?

Why the advertising push to sell us on this chug it down, bottoms up idea? As in the video on the above website, is it “convenience”, “price”, or other reasons? How about your health?

The video would argue that bottled water is actually tap water. So, when it says from the springs of _____ it is really the spring of a tap? I don’t think so. Poor argument, but arguably there are some brands that are indeed tap water, but come on people, not all of them. But, again, what about the health issue?

The Hamilton Water billboard goes on to tell us that the water has been tested over 47,000 times. Great, right? Not according to some selling filters. No, there are some  big issues with tap water, including what the government may not want us to know, and likely won’t appear on a billboard in your town anytime soon:

Government Outlines Potential Health Effects From Tap Water
Government department recently described more than 80 contaminants in tap water that, when consumed, can cause a host of problems including: diarrhea, vomiting, cramps, legionnaire’s disease, pneumonia, headaches, nausea, an increased risk of cancer, liver, kidney, central nervous system problems, eye/nose irritation, stomach discomfort, increased blood cholesterol, decreased blood sugar, skin damage, problems with the circulatory system, increased chance of developing benign intestinal polyps, intestinal lesions, allergic dermatitis, gastrointestinal distress.  Further, these toxins can afflict people with Wilson’s disease, nerve damage, thyroid problems, and bone diseases. Worse still, your children could suffer from delays in physical and mental development, attention-span deficits and learning abilities.  Infants below the age of six-months could become seriously ill, experience shortness of breath, blue baby syndrome, hair or finger nail loss, numbness in the fingers or toes, intestinal and liver problems, nervous system problems, spleen problems, anemia, cardiovascular or reproductive problems, adrenal gland problems, weight loss, cataracts, skin changes, thymus, gland problems, immune deficiencies, and ill-functioning adrenal glands.  This is more than enough to cause great concern!!  Therefore, it is not a question of whether tap water is dangerous or not, the question is what action you are going to take to make sure your family’s drinking water is safe.  A high quality water filter will can protect your drinking water.  See more here: 
We are poisoning ourselves with tap water.
Government’s list of potential contaminants in drinking water that are health risks.

Point first, there is a strong argument that the value of  fluoride is a deception. Christopher Bryson was so convinced of it, he wrote a book, The Fluoride Deception:

So, when Hamilton’s tests are performed — all 47,000 of them — are they including the risks as outlined above?

Even the CBC would tell us there are other issues with the drinking water!

Many drugs pass right through the sewage and water treatment plants, back into the drinking water.

“Sewage treatment plants aren’t designed to remove them,” Miller said.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/health/story/2006/03/23/drugs-060323.html#ixzz0vqcroaea

The billboard claim seems bold and simplified. How safe exactly? Bluntly, doesn’t anybody seem concerned that fluoridated water is linked to cancer?

Even with DDT, you don’t have the consistently strong data that the compound can cause cancer as you now have with fluoride.’

Sorry but a little money savings doesn’t quite cut the mustard.

There is great concern now that authorities in the U.S. (not sure about Canada) are talking about adding “lithium” to the water supply, on top of the already questionable fluoride.

This prompted a hit piece by Wired Magazine on Alex Jones, citing that Jones is lying about the government wanting to add lithium.

An R.N. commenter to the Jones’ fight for information adds:

Lithium additives to the water supply ARE being proposed, ostensibly as a way to lower the suicide rate. Sodium Floride WAS used by the Nazis to make jewish populations more docile. The CDC and the corporate mainstream media urged pregnant mothers and children to use the flu shot last season, assuring them it was safe, and deriding the “paranoid conspiracy theorists” who warned against it – and I myself, in administering it, read the package insert which clearly stated “The safety of this vaccine for use with pregnant women and children has not been evaluated.” This is about money and power. Give yourself an education in both before you join the simian hooting against “liars” and “paranoids” that follows fact-challenged ad hominem attacks such as the above article,” concludes another commenter.

So we have questionable motives of vaccinations, fluoride in the water, and now lithium. And let’s not forget what was also peddled as good, that should have us scratching our heads in worry — the gardasil vaccine.

Alex Jones in a serious warning:

Could there be  alterior motives that would have us questioning the sales pitch? To answer that question is to wonder what accepting their promise of harmlessness is at face value. Unfortunately, the more you learn, the more you question, and when you watch an overview of governments past and their motives for using chemicals in vaccines and water supplies, we must all become very aware of our surroundings. Here is the interview with Alan Watt by Alex Jones:

Strange timing and coincidence the City of Hamilton is selling us on drinking the water? Perhaps.

When 47,000 tests are done on the water, are they ensuring there is no fluoride? How about lithium, mercury, and lead? Or one of the other horrendous ingredients as outlined above. So, go ahead, drinky drinky?

I’d love to know who sold the budgeting department on the need to spend money promoting this. A very interesting investigation that perhaps a mainstream investigative journalist might probe.

Sorry if I’m a little more than a bit suspicious. We can’t help but wonder as we piece this all together now can we?


12 responses to “Hamilton Tap water: A “Clear Choice” or poison cocktail?

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  4. Hello Craig: I thought you might be interested in our upcoming seminar with Dr. Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network (www.fluoridealert.org) to be held in London, Ontario (March 2, 2011 at the Central Library, 6:30 pm). We`re hoping this seminar will lead to the removal of fluoride from our water — as in the recent victory in Waterloo, Ontario. Please let me know if you`d be interested in attending. Otherwise, I hope we can keep in touch on the issue.

    • Hello Pam, Awesome work. I am going to keep this seminar in mind, and see if I might be able to make it…..it would certainly be good to pass along the information to fellow Canadians. We have lots of work to do with our Global brothers and sisters to take back our nations, and our health! Keep up the good work Pam, and yes, let’s keep in touch. Do you have a website to convey to the subscribers here?

      Sorry, just found it….please visit http://www.pamkilleen.com/ for more good information on healthy living! Thanks Pam!

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  6. The fact is most people are ignorant to what is in our water, and really couldn’t care less. When they see the billboards, they are overjoyed to hear their water is safe and clean, but the facts just aren’t presented (or hidden form us all), and misleads everyone. Even today, tests that are done on water do not account for everything, as they are not even quite sure what is in our water. I mean among the top contaminants like chlorine and fluoride, there are hundreds or even thousands of other chemicals, pesticides, and carcinogens that are present that most people have no idea of, and even if you do a “little” research, your not going to find it. Unless you actually spend time researching this stuff, you won’t find anything but the normal chemicals that are already known by the majority of the population

    Take estrogen for example. This has been found all over North America’s tap water, and is actually diminishing the male genes. Experts are saying that within a thousand years or so (as long as this trend keeps going), there won’t be any males left on earth.

    Water is what we are made of, and is essential to human health, not this poison that they are convincing everyone is water and is safe to drink. I myself have a reverse osmosis water filter unit from Aquasafe Systems, http://www.aquasafecanada.com and have had it for many years, and will always continue to do so as I know what is in our water and know that clean, pure water is essential for life. My unit removes all contaminants like chlorine, fluoride, lead, mercury, pesticides, etc…., and can’t even stand the thought of drinking tap water, or even bottled water for that matter as most bottled water is essentially tap water anyway, which is whole other story that I won’t go into.

    Anyways, do yourselves a favor, and buy some kind of filtration system as the water coming from your tap, no matter how safe they claim it is, is slowly killing us all.

  7. Its about dumbing down the population, creating disease which feeds the medical industry and ultimately its about reducing the population over time. It has ZERO to do with teeth. Its only common sense that you should not be drinking, eating or bathing in toxic waste. It needs to be stopped in Hamilton as well as every other place its being added. To continue is clearly the definition of insanity, cruelty and genocide.

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  11. Basic rule I’ve found reliable:
    anything coming out of Alex Jones’s mouth is garbage. period.

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