No doubt: Beck’s been “made”

It’s the old undercover cop show, and it’s the part where over the radio, the word comes, “you’ve been made, get outta there!”.

It’s the time of the show that warns the undercover cop that the jig is up, the game is over — his usefulness posing as one of them has been exposed.

Fitting here too.

There is something coming, and we can only speculate what that is — but it’s coming.

Glenn Beck has become obvious. His points “expected”. He has been “made”.

He controls only a small group of the American population. There is no way he has the support of labour unions, as he bashes them night in, night out. There is little doubt he holds the hearts of those progressive democrats. And, there is no way he has convinced true patriots that he is for real either. That leaves him with a group of loyal followers that will no doubt follow him wherever he goes.

I have not watched the Beck program for several days, so tuning into the show yesterday became a confirmation of the plan.

Beck, strategically has worked the sales pitch.

Yesterday’s show, much of the same pattern. First, the focus of blame on Barack Obama, and the reason — it’s all in the family– the dreams fulfilled for grandpa, dad, and now the son.

According to Beck, forget the groups – he would say including the Democrats and Republicans, but I would say he really means the true group — the Bilderberg Group. Ownership of action, according to Beck, must be taken by us all, to set a good example for our kids.

Explaining that the States are bankrupt, it was a call again by Beck to attack the labor unions and their pension plans.

The sales pitch is to suggest the Cloward & Piven model, and its inherent “collapsing of the system” is the reason the unions must be sacrificed, and justification that the pension plans must go. In that broad brush, the real reason of the economy being destroyed from bipartisan cooperation with the Bilderberg group over the years is ignored. Forget the moves by the Clinton Administration setting up the derivative deregulation, followed by the accommodation of the Bush years to do nothing to stop it.

The housing bubble and derivative scam carefully was crafted in a joint party venture of sorts. And for that, Beck is right. Both the Dems and Republicans working for the true bosses ensured the survival of the scam.

And now, Obama’s plan to bail out the underwater mortgages plays further into the Bilderberg agenda — ensure the inflated debt from the housing scam is maximized — that is, ensure the further transfer of wealth goes to the bankers on the backside of the taxpayers. Beck — spot on — only problem is the crosshairs were pointed at Barack Obama and the progressive, Cloward, Piven types and not the Bilderbergers.

It’s getting old. It’s not even a challenge any longer to see the pattern.

We all knew Beck would continue to attack the labor unions, the pension plans, and the poor working Americans. The same Americans that are not responsible for the destruction of the economic system. Oh, how fast they are sacrificed though.

It leads one to question whose side Beck is on.

It’s obvious — he’s been “made”. His cover has been blown, and he only has those that would follow him off a cliff left standing.

There may be a final hurrah coming.

Beck has eluded in the past as not knowing what will become of him. A foreshadowing of coming events? A false flag perhaps?

He repeated on yesterdays show the call for his clan to make the trip to the Lincoln Memorial for 8.28. The hint made again — some people might be afraid of terrorism.

Is it coming? Is it time to maximize the last remaining value of the man who has been “made”?

There are plenty of ways to stage an attack, making it look real, and create the social unrest that has been kindled by Beck’s broadcast.

It may be the black panthers they blame, or whomever. Who knows?

The message is old. The man has been made. His usefulness to Bilderberg in question.

There have been plenty of calls for attendance for the event of 8.28.

Do we dare ask what might happen?


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