Please say you want a revolution, ya, ah, you know! Oh, dear Glenn!

Dear Glenn:

I must tell you Glenn, you inspire me. But maybe not in the way you might like. You see, I’m just not buying it.

It’s not that we don’t want to trust you Glenn, we want to believe you, we really do. But there is too much division in the discussion. It’s your way or the highway, isn’t it?

 It’s been said many times before – – go ask Rupert Murdoch to come clean on air, and explain exactly why we should believe that he has “had some form of revelation”, and seen the light, convincing you to be his spokesperson. Forgetting all the money –give us the real reasons we should believe you, him, and FOX News.

This is a time for extreme critique and equally, caution. We cannot take things at face value. As if an ex- radio guy, turned historian, turned preacher is going to be trustworthy at face value.

We know you read blogs – – you’ve said so. You call them liberal. 

Your show is like a sales pitch, and the viewers the clients.

 But there is an underlying objection to the “sales process”. You haven’t sold us yet!

 If Glenn could only see the faces of the watchers. But wait, he can. Those shows in studio with audience tell a tale. The expression is there – – can we trust you Glenn? Can we trust Rupert Murdoch who pays you? — yes millions of dollars a year to bring us a message.

Now if God was paying you, you might just get your daily bread, not in the millions of loaves, but just as you need it. And God, would ensure he delivered some bread to other people too. That is not socialism, that is humanity.

I am not a socialist. I like people. I can understand how people get into groups that they relate to. It is easy to see the appeal. And, most people that fall in love with socialism, really fall in love with a version that is ideal. Not the form used by the underlying ruling class that conveniently pushes through agendas. Any more so than the form of conservative, capitalism, that is used by the same controlling elite that use that for their own goals and agendas. True” anything” can be good if not corrupt.

Who are regular people Glenn? How should people be? What should they believe to fit your definition of normal?

Who are the “regular people” like you alluded to on the August 16th broadcast? I think I get the point — the only regular people Glenn, are the “types” that you say are “regular”. As in past shows, you paint a picture such as the people critical of 9/11, and you ensure the sales pitch – –  “you are not one of those people are you”?

 Egad, you are a frustration!

If you say you doubt the official explanation of 9/11 — you are a 9/11 truther.

If you want to ensure Obama was a naturally born American citizen eligible to be President — you are a birther.

It’s not that you would be concerned that the argument Phil Berg makes of Obama being a fake, a phony, and an imposter put in place by the globalist elite to effect their agenda. No, we must discount these people, and call them birthers. And since you bring it up, I am sure God would be in Heaven saying go Glenn go, yes, call those non-regular people out. They are shameful people who think on their own, critically. God would back you up, I’m sure.

There is a certain level of hypocrisy that brings fingers to keyboard every time your show is on. It is an inspiring show for that reason. I must be one of those people you may try to label as a liberal. Liberal in the sense that I feel free enough to voice my displeasure when I see others labelled?

The truth is I am not an American, just a fellow human being. And I am seeing other human beings, some in America, that may have built a hard-earned life in factories, or in schools, or in other places where they suffered enough abuse that somewhere along the line, a group of workers got together to ensure fairness amongst other workers. Are you ready to “classify” me as a union sympathizer? Where in the Bible does it say that’s okay? I am ready to look it up, sir preacher.

There is something long overdue. It is the time in the “sales pitch” where you observe the audience you seek to see they have the deer in the headlights look upon their faces. They want to believe, but they can’t.

There are too many questions.

When you cry, is it genuine? Are you crying because you are forced to do something immoral to people needing a leader, and the guilt is too great? Come clean. Spell it out. If you hear me then tell us how exactly Rupert Murdoch, your employer is genuinely concerned with the state of the people of America. How does he and FOX care about the people of the world?

Save the tears. Come clean. Back up, and let us all know why we should believe you are sincere. There is only so much mileage you can get with the “I used to drink (under your breath)  a lot”.

I want to believe the tears are real.

But the only explanation so far that makes any sense, show after show, night after night, is the new mission of bringing Northcom some much awaited business – – selling the fight of America. Selling social unrest. Selling union vs non-Union, and for the love of God, if you are going to break down, break down and ask forgiveness. It is tiring. Come clean.

All I hear now, is a sales pitch. Say you want a revolution! Please?

It is understandable why people need a break sometimes from the news of the world. But, when they return, the truth is still there.

There are still people living in tents inside America. There are still people who cannot afford hydro and shelter at the same time as food. Go get a job is your point? Stop protesting the government with signs that say “Jobs, Jobs, Jobs”? Are you kidding me? Are you kidding America?

On August 28th, you call for Americans to come. Whether “terrorism” is a threat you ask them to join you”. That’s good.

What’s bad is a protest about wanting jobs? Have I got that right?

When you sleep in a tent, that’s called camping. When others do it, it’s called survival! But we must criticize “those people” that rally for jobs because they must be in unions? Cry another tear my friend. Pray for forgiveness. I can’t even hold it back any more.

The mission of social unrest and the pitting of man against man must end.

And if God wants you to get this message, I’m sure you will.

Are you so sure you want a revolution? Are you sure it’s for the right reasons?


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