Nobody wins when everybody loses: But are we supposed to do anything about it?

It’s been a month since I last posted an article. You might say I was on blogger vacation. And, it makes me think of what generally happens when people take a vacation.

Well, thinking back, the idea is to take a break from the reality of everyday life and the stress that goes along for the ride. Getting away from it all is the goal, right?

But, in the quest to get away, we tend to get lured to the life we left behind. Find that newspaper, that news broadcast, and get tidbits of info to keep us up to date. Check back in little drips to see that life was not much different on vacation than it was before you left. It seems it didn’t matter if you were part of the process or not, what will be will be.

And the argument from the critics of the modern church (don’t tune out, this isn’t about church!) is that the churches are promoting the role over and play dead role. If the end is near, let it be, let it be, oh let it be, yeah, let it be! Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

When Jesus said he would return, be on guard, people have been waiting for him since a few years after his death. We can play forward the impending vision of John as he wrote Revelation time and again. How many certainties of the impending end have passed their due date, and the seeming deadline?

I am no historian, but I do understand that Adolf Hitler was viewed as the Antichrist in his day. What if we had “let him be”? Was there a big fight to avoid the trainloads of people destined to the concentration camps?

And that seems to be the argument.

Do you fight? Do you battle the evil if you are not sure if this is really it – the time of the return of Christ? What would God have you do?

Would he have you join what seems to be the flavor of the month – the Quran vs. the Bible? The Christian vs. the Muslim? The union employee against those not unionized? The blacks against the whites? The Mexicans against the resistance to illegal immigration in the southern U.S. (Arizona, et al)?

Would he have you fight your fellow man?

Burton Cummings, whether just in song or a song reflective of life, seems to have touched on the point of this all. As the lyrics of the song go, “Never been much on religion, but sure enough, I just fell down on my knees”.

The Bible is full of the same theme. You sin, in groups and individually. You live immorally in much the same way. You forget about God, and live life on your own terms and you head for a fall.

And the other underlying theme. The world is run by the Devil. Evil controls the world until Jesus’ return to stop it. What will happen before this? Corruption will be exposed. People will be used by God to expose corruption, to serve one major purpose, to bring those on the brink to Christ. It’s all about relationships.

When Jesus returns, the way the world works changes. But, as he gets those to see it now, it changes in little foreshadowing tidbits. Maybe the new world will be changed on person at a time, and when the evidence of Christ being real is overwhelming, there will be less drive for greed and corruption will be crushed.

I would say that the rule of thumb is this. You must decide about what you see and what you feel. What does your gut say? What does the spirit within you say is going on? And who can you trust?

If you have lived long enough, you would likely agree that what appears on the surface is not always the truth. Who you think someone is, isn’t necessarily who they say they are.

What is presented as good, is not always good. Especially if the Devil runs this world at this time.

So what should you do?

First, don’t listen to me, or him, or her, or them? Don’t be convinced to fight a racial group for no better reason than you are not in that race. Don’t take anyone at face value, or believe they are your leader worth following. Man is man, and man is corrupt.

You should look for evidence that supports what John said would happen. The first of these is the continuing exposure of corruption.

It may take years, or centuries for Christ to return.

The only thing that is certain today, yesterday and tomorrow, is God’s desire to have a relationship with you. You and him. No heroes. No third parties to hang your trust in. Just you and God, hand in hand, as he fills you in on what the world is all about. As he shows you corruption and the truth from the lies, you will become a beacon of information to be shared with others. But, they must discern what you say, and question your motives. For they must choose whether you are corrupt or a purveyor to expose the corrupt.

And when God asks you to work for him, you should do so without question.

I don’t believe God would have us fighting our fellow man, but he would have us expose the corruption of man.

And, because of this, I would have to say that we should be leery of those that would promote racial battle and racial tension.

The world must unite against the enemy. The enemy that would have us destroy ourselves and others. It would be the lie that “you will be okay even if others must suffer”.

The lie that the world would be a better place if there were fewer of us. The lie that you deserve more than another human being. The lie that it is okay to kill another for the benefit of who is left.

The Devil’s lie. Where in the end, nobody wins and everybody loses. Where you can get ahead only if you push someone else down. Where you are special and deserving, because another is neither of those. Where it is justified to break a few rules if it will benefit someone.

I believe that when we see the lies, God would want us to speak up. Jesus wasn’t put in the world to change the world, but to provide an alternative to following that which is evil. We know that one day that will change. He will change the dynamic of life, and how the world works. Until then, he will seek us, one at a time, to join him and the mission to bring others to him.

Where we will individually and collectively be prone to  exclaim, “Get behind us Satan”.


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