Faith, Hope & Charity: Only if we were to wipe the slate clean yet again

We cannot deal fairly in a corrupt world.

We cannot listen to those telling us to give up whatever security we have, when there are those that would like us to give it all away. The reason: to enslave us! Not to be fair.

We are dealing with the battle of good vs. evil. Evil wins a battle if it convinces everyone that evil in any form can be “dealt” with. No folks. If evil is in control, you cannot trust evil, even just a little. You also cannot operate in good faith, when evil is controlling the game.

The game. Yes, the game of how to fix it, without facing who the true enemy is.

John F. Kennedy was assasinated by the very government he represented. He was not keen on an aspect of the evil control and that was not acceptable. JFK had to go. He had to be destroyed because he was on the side of good. JFK proved you cannot “work around” evil. There is only one solution. You crush evil.

Glenn Beck, in a myriad of ways has inspired me to expose the error of the message.

Faith, hope, and charity. That is the answer according to Beck. Yes, that might work in the world created by the founding fathers. But the revolution came first to wipe the slate clean, to end the corruption, and give America a fresh start. The concern: Can you “keep” the Republic?

The founding fathers, few could argue, could see where human nature, driven to be deceived by evil would yet again look at a fresh Republic as the target to be manipulated. Like a chocolate parfait at a Weight Watchers convention, there would be a lot of lip-licking going on as the desert cart rolled past the tables of hungry guests. Temptation like the apple in the Garden of Eden.

If you promise someone enough riches and fame, eventually that person might start to think highly of himself. So highly, that it might not matter in his mind that God could take it all away in a heartbeat. The only reason he has anything is through God’s grace, but how many times have we seen people corrupted by power and greed.

And, this is how evil takes control.

When the Fed was privatized it dealt a serious blow to the environment where Faith, Hope, and Charity would have a remote chance of survival.

When John F. Kennedy was assassinated because he knew the Fed must be altered, it confirmed the evil that had taken hold in America.

And, when the planes flew into the towers of the World Trade Centers on 9/11 of 2001, we may have been fooled for a while. But, the puzzle that has mounted evidence since that time places three towers imploding into their own footprint as further proof that there is a terrible process underway. Evil is taking more steps to crush the good in this world.

So, should I apologize if I do not think you can give up everything in a world of corruption?

Beck would have the unions give up the pension plans and security. Unions are one of the last beacons of power left for the globalist forces to take control of America. The other important force is the independence of the States that are now battling the health care bill.

Strange that Beck would discount both forces that protect the citizens of America?

We will continue to flog the message that is unclear, twisted, and manipulating.

In the last desperate push, they will pull out all the stops to say God would want it that way.

We’ll see, now won’t we?


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