Cass Sunstein must be pissed: Or, “I hate when that happens”

Let’s look back in time, when Cass was little Cass, the cute little kid with a big vision:

Grown-up: Hey little Cass, what do you want to be when you grow up?

little Cass: I want to grow up to be the most powerful man in America. By that I mean that I want to control the freedoms and that requires me to strive toward being the regulatory czar – one of the most powerful positions in the world.

I suppose, if little Cass would have said that, he would have been fairly mature, but at the same time kind of eerily ‘ take over the world’ like. Scary.

I could see something like that. But could we see this?

Grown-up: Little Cass, what would you like to be when you grow up?

Little Cass: I want to grow up and work hard to believe that the “progressive movement” that I become obsessed with will honor my good service and education with the job of my dreams – the regulatory czar of America. I strive to serve the true agenda of the global elite that will simply use me and my political beliefs and allies, having us believe we are really in control, when in reality a putz news agency will make fun of me, and use my ideals to overthrow our government, making the news source look really credible, almost “saviour-like”. Yes, I will be a pawn in the game, and that will be okay with me. My life will  be meaningless, and all the work, just a tool to be used by the controllers of this country and government. Oh well, that’s the way it is I suppose.

Oh, okay little Cass. Enjoy your childhood.

But the joke will be on the globalists I suppose, when they find out they were just pawns in the bigger game of the battle of good vs. evil. It’s like one of those old, hokey movies, where everyone double-crosses everyone else. Like the spy vs. spy vs. spy, where nobody can be trusted, and the only norm is double-cross and double-agents.

So when the fake right is brought in to save America from the evil progressive left, the people will have their new saviours. And, if they think back just a few years, they will have realized the wheel has simply come full circle. The end will be the same. The substance no different. Only the faces of those used will change.


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