Disturbing trend and goal to phase out bottled water…in Hamilton and apparently many other municipalities

Disturbing to find out that the campaign of “clear choice” is really a goal  of “no choice”!

Remember when the elected office of municipal government was there for road repair, garbage collection, police services? You know, the good ‘ol days? Well, haven’t times changed. Government at all levels are getting in the game of deciding for you what you will eat and not eat. Even what water will be available to you.

An interesting addition to the campaign to promote tap water use in Hamilton, Ontario, this link is somewhat of an explanation. The reason as cited, was to ensure those nasty single use bottles are phased out. Let us take a guess, because they are bad for the environment. Well, how about the environment inside our bodies? What’s more important? I don’t recall seeing this link before. Is it new? Have people complained? When did the link get posted, that is the question?

In the U.S., this report debunks the tap water supporters, citing that bottled water represents only .3% of the nations solid waste.The report  entitled “Bottled Water and the Overflowing Nanny State was written by Angela Logomasini in 2009.  Great arguments abound, and the publication points out what should be obvious – bottled water is replacing other waste, such as pop cans or bottles, or juice boxes. So, where’s the big problem? Why not phase out Coca-Cola, and the corn syrup in sugar beverages that has been known to “feed cancer”?

The fluoride factor, on top of the lack of ability to screen out prescription drug residue from municipal water supplies should be of greater concern. Where is the push to take out fluoride and drugs that cause health issues?

A google search of “Hamilton tap water” brings our original article about four spots down on page one.

The information push to promote tap water, and phase out bottled water is disturbing from the point of view of who controls whom? When has the consumer been second in rank in decision-making what he consumes? Why are providers of water being pushed out the door?

When you go to the grocery store now, why is there a certain brand that has monopolized the shelves? And, if you can find an alternative, the price is usually much higher.

But are we to believe the rhetoric that 0 PPM of fluoride from the springs source at Feversham, Ontario is really just tap water, filled into a bottle? Not likely, but here’s the plug that supposedly “debunked the myth”:

In fact, the quality of many cities’ tap water is so high that many companies actually use tap water to fill the bottles they sell. “So you’re paying a thousand times the price for the same product,” Wagner exclaims. “Manufactured demand is what has been created in regards to single use plastic bottles. But we want to get the word out that tap water is the same quality, a better price and just as convenient.”

The quest to find bottled water with zero ppm of fluoride is the issue. And, has it been added to an otherwise “spring water” from a source in Ontario? Check it out the next time you look.

So, the questions and story continues…..can we decide we do not want to drink drugs that cannot be properly filtered out, fluoride and other chemicals linked to a myriad of disease and health problems? Are we being told what to eat with little choice, more monopolization, more GMO food, etc?

Have you noticed the fruit and vegetables that seem okay on the grocery store shelf, only to go bad in a couple of days? How about the taste? Right, what taste? Is our food being manipulated, becoming tasteless, and of limited nutrition?

And, don’t even go there on chemically-laden, convenient “boxed” foods, like the pizzas with antifreeze in them. Can we find fresh, organics anymore, unaltered by processes and genetic modification? And we wonder why our health becomes an issue?

We wonder why blood pressure, cholesterol, and cancer is off the charts?

Are plastic bottles really the issue? Is freedom of choice being shut out? Is Canada’s Bill C-6 being extended beyond natural vitamins and other supplements  now affecting the very water we are allowed to choose?

I think it’s high time to stand up and be accounted for. What’s up with the regulation and railroading when it comes to health choices?

Fluoride anyone? I don’t think we are too concerned that the billboards are from Hamilton volunteers that love the water. The more education we all get in the background of water treatment, the better off we will all be.

Until then, don’t decide if I can choose fluoridated water from non-fluoridated water, thank you very much. And, don’t tell a company or supplier that they are no longer welcome to do business.

That is, unless you can prove all side effects of tap water are a truly healthy choice compared to the water that doesn’t require the same toxic treatment.

Should we take comfort that this a push world wide? Check out this google search link to verify that for yourself:



One response to “Disturbing trend and goal to phase out bottled water…in Hamilton and apparently many other municipalities

  1. “Let us take a guess, because they are bad for the environment. Well, how about the environment inside our bodies? What’s more important?”

    Bwah ha. Without your ecosystem not only do you die, but every other living being dies as well. The answer is the environment outside your body. There’s no point in saving your body if there’s no landbase to exist on. But even then it’s a false dichotomy. Why is the environment inside our bodies so toxic? Because the environment outside our bodies is so toxic. And why is that the case? Because of industry. The industrial practices and infrastructures required to get those bottled water to you are the reason why our water is so toxic. How is more of the problem a solution?

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