If I was a rich crook, would I continue to pay an employee to expose me because he is “right”?

A significant jump in world affairs  and admission of truth may have just been taken

Twisting, turning, spinning, or the truth? Which is it? I think it safe to say, we are all confused at this point.

If you were to have taken a television vacation for say, two or three years, and came back to watch the Glenn Beck Program yesterday, would you be a little freaked out that the chalkboard blatantly shows the truth – that the heads in Washington are “selling” a one world government run by elites?

No conspiracy theory. Beck confirms what Jones has not pulled any punches on for 15 years – the New World Order drive is real, and it’s in full, “in your face” mode.

As a matter of fact, does this not make it easier for you to not look like a nutbag when bringing this up at the water cooler? Does this not make it less of a faux pas, like the pyramid -scheme-like products that, if you sell enough memberships will help you quit your day job some day? If only you can convince your friends and family, hmm…….

What happened to the good ‘ol U.S. of A.?

Where’s the true battle? What’s the real truth? What do I mean by that?

Many months ago, when it appeared Glenn Beck was working along the same lines as Alex Jones, I got excited. Wow, this was key. Like that nasty “pyramid scheme” sales opp it would be less tough to use Beck and his Fox Network to get people to visit infowars.com.

After all, Infowars is a  very “in your face”, hardcore admission of “what in the world is this” reality. The newbies would have a hard time digesting it for themselves, let alone share the dazzling counter-world it represents.

In short, the infowars site is like something you eat that at first shocks your system, but later you acquire a taste for it, and then after that, you are a regular. Anyone that is a Guinness dark beer drinker may know what I’m talking about, but for me….no thanks….don’t slide one of those down the bar, thank you.

Enough rambling, what’s the point?

Confusion. That’s the point.

At first Jones flipped out on Beck, exposing him as a NWO shill. Hard to take at first, with further investigation, it became fairly clear, the quick-firing Alex Jones was right again, leaving us to figure out how he knew so fast.

But something has not seemed right lately.

The key is Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch was and perhaps still is a Bilderberger. If he has seen the light, God bless him. But, until proven innocent, He is for all intents and purposes in the group of Elite that Beck is exposing as the world government being pushed by Washington to become our fearless, unelected leaders.

Bilderberg meets once a year, giving “marching orders” to the delegates they bring to the table, and expect changes to be implemented.

Underlying this group is secrecy and a secret mission of global population control.

Beck, no doubt is aware of the precarious position he finds himself in. Anybody who knows enough about the Bilderberg Group knows they are an integral link to the underground dealings of the New World Order, and absolute global chaos.

There could only be one explanation or saving grace for Beck and Murdoch. Could we have heard a hint of it yesterday? Is Murdoch a turncoat of the Bilderbergers? Has he had enough, and seen the light? Is he doing what he can to bring some truth because even he cannot accept the reality of the nightmare being imposed on the world?

The elites are to take control! Of you, of me, of everything and everybody!

Beck brings up the point whether to admit Murdoch is repentant, or to fool us further when he reiterated the point of contention –  why Rupert Murdoch would allow him to tell us this if it were not true.

It is fully understandable that there would be those people who would entertain all the opportunity the rich guys would bring to the table. Like the devil telling you he will grant your every desire, with just one little catch….the elevator at the end is going down, as you sacrifice your soul.

You would have to figure there would be those that live in denial – that it could not possibly be for real, and not in my lifetime. The price would not have to be paid, making the fame and fortune truly attractive to our nature.

So, to go along with it might have  seemed easy.

Realizing things are getting out of control, and the freaks are for real, there would be those that would want to turn to the side of good.

Could this be the case? Are there those that have played along with the Bilderberg Group, and are freaked out realizing the representative devil is coming to collect?

Are there those that are realizing the price is real and far greater than they are willing to pay?

And this is why it is now becoming confusing what Glenn Beck is up to.

The neo-cons may have been played. Bilderberg may have fooled them much in the same way they appealed to the “progressive” nutjobs  in the White House, including Pelosi and Cass Sunstein.

The game was a ruse. The ship must therefore be turned around, and we can only hope to get help from some of those duped by true evil. |Look at the new bailout in Washington led by the departure of Peter Orszag, and continuing in drabs. We saw that coming.

So, is Rupert Murdoch a repentant ex-Bilderberg minion?

If there is a genuine interest to bring the truth, and Rupert Murdoch is really trying to help us all understand the evil he has seen, then God bless him.

If it is just another attempt to pull the wool over our eyes, at the end of the day, the “down elevator” is going to be filled to capacity. The level of evil will have even surpassed my imagination.

Beck could be just trying to reel in some more fish? Or, he could be using limited ability and every avenue to help the cause of good.

Bilderberg and exposing this group continues to hold the key. So does 9/11 and exposing the true purpose of the Patriot Act.

Beck and Murdoch are still far off from credible.

The real truth will challenge Beck to get beyond the neo-con  mindset, which will mean admitting the war effort is also a lie. That may be tough for him and Murdoch to swallow.

Beck would be wise to interview Murdoch on a coming show, and let us decide for ourselves if he and Murdoch are remotely credible.

Beck’s show is a roller coaster ride at best. He mirrors Jones on many issues and mannerisms, it’s true. But why is there no team work? Why is there no admission Jones holds credibility?

We can remember not too far before, Beck’s attack on the credibility of Russia Today. He also made fun of Daniel Estulin appearing in the following news clip. What are the odds that news on Bilderberg will appear on Fox News any time soon? Right, not likely. But to note the “matter of fact” reporting on Bilderberg by Russia Today should make us more aware of news networks and their anchors as mere shills of the agenda, admitted to by Murdoch himself in the past.

Beck as the counter-Jones, to spin and reel in the dangling fish continues to be the underlying theme. He has a long way to go yet.


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