Globalist banks prove worldly muscle is real, and affects every one of us!

It’s called “snatch and grab”. and if you were to ask those thrown into the back of vans at the G20 in Toronto, they would probably tell you there was no rhyme nor reason for the abuse!

Snatched, grabbed,  and thrown into the back of vans ready to speed away for maximum effect…..of course, staged for the cameras to see.

The street the stage, the crowd, the “extras”, and the purpose – to scare the living beejeeslies out of those that see it. As for the criminality that justified the poor treatment – are you kidding me?

Here is the clip from the G20 showing the drama in action. It shows the poor acting. If you know of these poor folks that were violated, please let us know, we would love to know what awful deeds they did to deserve being thrown to the ground and for no good reason abducted, in an inhumane way.

We would also like to know who the abductors are. Are they Canadian police? Does anybody know them? What would drive them to be a part of a process of stripping the rights of Canadians and showing how law enforcement can be mentally manipulated, and driven to the brink of doing what we all think is currently unimaginable – the acting like the Gestapo in Hitler’s Germany.

Here’s the Act, parts 1 and 2:

Sure, the argument against discussing this now is that it has been a while. It’s old news. We would sooner put this behind us. Wouldn’t we all?

Most significant is not the horror of the moment, but the pattern. The pattern is global, expected, and means that Canada is not immune to the globalist banking system control.

We have proven we are not immune as we had the CEO of T.D. Bank attend this year’s Bilderberg meeting in Spain (Edmund Clark). We also had the Deputy Chair of the T.D. Bank (Frank McKenna). I guess it was T.D.’s turn this year. Most significant, a Canadian bank, perhaps deciding how it would be part of the globalist push.

We had $1.2 billion or more spent on the hot button, good boy business of the century – security. As if Canada could justify the expense. Canada, the supposedly conservative, thoughtful spenders.

The use to be powerhouse of the world, the U.S. continues to police the world on a budget they can’t afford for military spending, while there is talk that all money from pension plans will have to invest in the bonds of the country. Soon, there will be a takeover of private pension plans to continue to erode the security of the people. Black vans that will hood the captives could soon be for those protesting their pension payments being taken. It’s conditioning, one video at a time, until we no longer think it strange. Security that, if it doesn’t happen to us, is, I suppose, okay.

Britain is looking for total monetary control of private company paycheques. Don’t complain, you may be next thrown in the back of a van with a black hood over your head.

Here is another video of a snatch and grab at the G20 meeting, this one at last year’s meeting in Pittsburg. I think we can safely say we are starting to feel the “globalism” reality they are pushing us towards.

Global similarity. Who are they in control of supposedly separate, national sovereignty? Who are they that can dictate how taxpayer money is spent? Who are they that can control the nature of police action leading to violation of human rights? Who are they?



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