Keiser Report # 80 significant to show the housing market is like a corpse, pumped with embalming fluid

We alluded to the Bilderberger, Martin Feldstein, who as professor of Economics at Harvard should be listened to. He is a professor of Economics at “Harvard” after all. Come on people, give this man some credit. Don’t question the very essence of “supply and demand”, or the principles of “market correction”. If the professor who helps with foreign policy decisions at the Council on Foreign Relations can’t be taken at his word, who can?

I guess it would depend if the word is tainted with a mission. The mission to effect wealth transfer from the middle class. And what better way to ensure people continue to flush their last few pennies down the drain than to ensure they remain indebted to the highest degree.

When you have an economics professor going against the very laws of economics, it’s time to scratch ones head. Wonder what in the world is happening. What could be the motive?

We talked about the motive before. Let it absorb.

Significant, and worth becoming a steady viewer, here is the Keiser Report that Max describes the situation with better humor, and of course, there is so much more to his show than the tidbit on the U.S. housing corpse. Take a look:


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