Did I say welcome to the New Commie Order?.. check that, Beck now means the New ‘anti-colonialism’ order, yeah, that’s it, I think

What did we do to deserve this “field day”?

According to Beck's latest expert, Dinesh D'Souza, this is Obama in secret gesture to say, well, you know to America!

Just the facts ma’am, just the facts. Give it to us straight. That’s Beck’s new message to prove who he parades in front of the camera is going to solve the world’s problems and give us the real truth.

Forget all about the New World Order, that was so, what was it, two, three days ago? Forget Beck mentioned it in 2008 either. The new push to put focus on is the President that Beck and his family “pray for” every night for safety –  the same President he hopes will ring the hot line in studio, and the one he paints as a mad-man shortly after 5 PM EST nightly.

Pray alright, because if the kooks start to listen to Beck and the cronies he brings on as “experts” then the President of the United States might really be looking to boost security. Pray harder Glenn, you are creating a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Yesterday I made the comment that if Beck wants to prove that the New World Order driven by Bilderberg is not so, and if he wants to now prove that if it all can be explained by  the New Commie Order driven by the madmen Obama has surrounded himself with, then Glenn had better have two decades to piece it together to show how it ties into a “global” issue, not American.

Beck has got himself down another rabbit hole of focusing yet again on soley America, as if Alzheimer’s must have set in somewhere.

Do we need to remind his writers that just a couple of days ago they were thrashing the One World Government and George Soros, complete with “spooky dialect” that is rather entertaining by Beck. Let me guess, Beck will next tie Soros in with the flavor of the day (I’d say week, but focus changes daily now) with a book no doubt, which will bring yet another “expert” to the chalkboard. Poor George in his youth was neglected too by his father, and the dreams he had were surprisingly to be an “anti-Colonialist”.  Stay tuned. I am starting to see why his show is number two in cable ratings – it is far more entertaining than other “reality shows”. You see, other reality shows like Jersey Shores at least are consistent, and therefore boring.

Yes, the rabbit holes are popping up in FOX studios, and the funny thing is, does anybody there even still believe the bologna that is being served? Talk about clutching at straws. Is it a coincidence the most outrageous things they bring to the table on the show are preceded by Beck telling his audience how “smart” they are? Wrinkle up the face and nod in a no pattern. I don’t think so.

Is the clock ticking? Is there something coming down fast somewhere that we don’t know about? “Just keep them distracted for a few more days Beckie, then our master plan will be effected, muha, muhahahaha”.

The more outrageous the drive to prove anything but Bilderberg, the more ridiculous the Glenn Beck Show becomes.

If the show was entitled, “Glenn tells you a million different versions of the truth, and none have any connection to the night before”, then we could all start bobbing our heads in realization – of course, now it makes sense!

I was wrong. There is a consistency in Beck’s approach. It’s consistently inconsistent, and doesn’t focus on any issue long enough to be able to elaborate.

It’s like a kid caught shoplifting in the local candy store. As the shopkeeper questions what he did, the kid comes up with elaborate reasoning, that changes with new suggestions. “There was a gust of wind, and the candy blew into my pocket”. That suggestion, because the shopkeeper asked him if it was when he went outside to bring in the items because of heavy wind. “Yes, the wind was so strong, it blew into the store, knocking the candy bar into my pocket”.

So, when Beck had the next expert on the show yesterday, the first google search was to see if he was linked to Bilderberg. You know, like good ‘ol Niall Ferguson, the professor at Harvard and Bilderberg attendee. Nope, this one wasn’t.

Further digging led me to this interesting little article of someone having lunch with the new guest. It would seem the good professor sees hand gestures of Obama on camera as meaning he is saying “F___ you” – a secret little slip. Yes, this is the expert Beck had on yesterday. My, my, my.

Oh, right, we need to back our argument up with the “facts”. So, here is the evidence I needed to see.

Just when the ObamaCare debate was heating up, I was dining with a renowned conservative professor with impeccable Ivy credentials when the conversation suddenly turned surreal. Encouraged that I too had deep misgivings about the direction in which the new president was taking the country, the good professor opined that America had put in the White House a subversive radical. Obama wasn’t a well-intentioned but misguided liberal, he insisted, he was motivated by actual malice toward America. What evidence did he have for this rather bizarre suggestion, I asked, shocked? Among the things the professor cited was that in his public appearances, Obama communicated with a cabal of fellow America haters in secret hand gestures. For example, during one speech, Obama stroked his cheek with his middle finger extended to convey “fuck you, America,” the professor said imitating Obama.

We must be nearing some pinnacle – the level of desperation on the part of the Beck show is becoming laughable. I suppose there will be someone willing to come to the plate to explain how climate change was a design of the “anti-colonialists”, those nasty, nasty people.


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