Second half of Keiser Report 81 has an interesting guest and perspective on modern, professional sport

Earlier today, the City of Glendale, AZ came to see what was new with the reporting from us on the Phoenix Coyotes. I wish they had waited till this clip came out. Because, the second half of the show (below) will discuss how municiplaities are being sucked dry by professional sports teams. Seems to fit here. The promise of revenues is not as real as the fact that the taxpayers will fund the private teams’ profits – that do not need to be reported.

The owners of old that actually cared about the community as discussed in the Keiser Report can, in my opinion, remind us all of some of the comments of Jerry Moyes. He operated on passion and to help the community with the team. He was heartbroken when it failed, and he could be remembered in court like a father trying to tell the City that it was not going to happen for Glendale. They didn’t listen.

The truth is, it is big business, funded by taxpayers. Period. Note also similarity in some of the rumor that the “luxury boxes” that were to be available in Vegas would have abounded. Was this team destined to find it’s place where money flows like casino chips? We may never know.


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