Splattergate replaces Climategate as the biggest slip up of the eco-fascists

Remember Bill Gates slipped into Bilderberg this year under the guise of going to a “different” meeting. The “meeting” didn’t exist. Gates was in Sitges, Spain this year to be there to explain how vaccines can “reduce” the population.

Some call it “soft kill” weapons, and vaccines in the hands of eugenicists like Gates should impact you…..but you may not believe it.

You might want to ask yourself how Hitler was allowed to carry on in his reign of terror. Hitler was also concerned with the environment, and people were not willing to admit he looked like a madman. The belief was that he was a little off but there was no way he could be as insane as he later proved to be.

Are we giving the proponents of Global Warming the same shrug of the shoulder? They are not “that bad” are they?

James Delingpole, in this article paints a different picture. Warning, the video you will see will shock and anger you. Small children should not be allowed to watch this clip. Incidentally, it is the same small children that schools might be “selling” the global warming scare to.


Don’t worry, the final cut of the commercials that made it to television are so much more controlled. The eco-fascists were “toned down a notch” after likely being reminded that the world just isn’t ready to learn the true reason for climate change taxation…..you know, to strip us all of all our wealth, then rights, then put us into bondage, and then…..

Here is James Delingpole discussing this with Alex Jones. I hope you are as mad as I was when learning of the globalists’ gall to look at us all like “cannon fodder with bloated bellies”, as George Washington Hunt has explained.

It might change the way we think of our childrens’ safety, and might remind us of the announcer on T.V. years ago. This time the announcement might be, “It’s 10 AM, do you know what propaganda your children are enduring?”


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