Beck may be “getting it” a little too well

Let’s not forget what has been mentioned many times before. Sorry, but worth repeating here again. Glenn Beck works for Rupert Murdoch, a Bilderberger.

We thought there could be remorse on the part of Murdoch. Perhaps he is acting against the Bilderberg machine. Or, maybe not.

Rumor has it that Beck is becoming less popular at Fox, as he becomes more popular in the world that “gets it” around his research.

Beck could be suffering from what can best be described as knowing too much. He may have delved so deep into the research he and his staff are doing that he is finding a reality that he cannot ignore. He is no doubt getting his information from sources surrounding Alex Jones – like Alan Watt, David Icke, Mark Dice, and others. Like you, a fellow blogger. According to Beck a while back, bloggers have something to offer. We get to send a message to the world, Beck alluded to on a past episode. That is great, he went on. His criticism of bloggers dissipated over the last while. Have you noticed?

Alex Jones has spoken directly to Beck in recent days after noticing a change in reporting. Bang on with the Fabian Society Beck, bang on. We don’t need to look further that Michael Tsarion to back up the fact that bringing up the Fabian Society may be pushing Beck’s envelope of what he is “allowed” to bring up.

Tsarion explains in the clip above, that “through television” they play with the psyche. Interesting. But what may be more interesting, is what might best be described as countering that game. Beck may be operating within media to bring a message of desperation. He may be pushing the envelope of his own broadcasting freedom. He may be under suspicion and watch of the network to not overstep his bounds.

Something hit me watching the show yesterday.

Take a look at this clip of yesterday’s show.

At the 6:00 minute mark of the show, Beck says this:

“I know you get this.

But I am trying my best to give you information to help__________”

At that point Beck suddenly stops, his eyes diverted to what appears to be instructions on set, and then he returns to finish the point….

“….you wake your neighbors up. I don’t know what else I can do”.

Perhaps I am reading too much into this. Take a look for yourself:

Could Beck be seeing that there is more to this than he initially was led to believe? Is his research leading him where it has led the rest of us – to the realization that it is all too real? When Beck says “I know you get this”, is he telling those of us that might see the new Glenn, that he has been led down a path that he too now realizes is wrong?

He may have found an outlet to get others to go the distance on research, so he can bypass the roadblocks Fox News inherently presents: ” Don’t take my word for it. Do your own homework. Find out if these things are true.” Beck can lead where he is not allowed to follow. He is able to ease his mind and hope his viewers take it to the next level.

While giving credit to Jones may be out, he probably realizes “research” leads to Jones and others, and the bigger truth he cannot bring. He has good reason to go beyond his employer’s wishes. He has said it himself, and if this is indeed where he is going, we all need to give him credit for bravery.

The God Complex. “They don’t believe in the Creator”, Beck explained. And that “is wrong”.


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