Fox has already lost Beck: What will the Lord have him do?

“That which you gaze upon you become“, said Beck as he opened his monologue on October 11th, on his popular show. His nervousness was palatable, suggestive of a man trying to reinvent his role in an atmosphere all too familiar. He, no doubt explaining his own admission of guilt for his role in presenting propaganda over the years.

Before that revelation, he mentioned he feels that he has been poisoned (metaphorically) over the last four years. On a previous show, Beck apologized for being coarse; being part of the problem.

I think I have seen enough signs to know that Glenn Beck has changed. He may no longer be of this world. He is in the world, but perhaps no longer of it. In short, Beck may have found his purpose. As he would call it, he found his “stick”. The stick that Moses used to part the Red Sea, as a metaphor for God’s purpose.

Thinking back now on  past episodes it becomes clear where the Glenn Beck trying to break- free of the poison is in stark contrast to the Beck that reads the propaganda on the teleprompter. It must be harder to get Beck to read, and focus on the script. He may be reading from a new playbook; taking direction from a new source.

Beck may be starting a new chapter, turning over a new leaf.

He may be on a journey of understanding  – a process – that if experienced too fast it would make one’s head explode –    like the kids in the global warming,” of the world “advertisement which the globalists cannot understand is in extremely poor taste.

There are YouTube videos where Beck breaks down, telling his audience that he might have macular dystrophy. But I saw a different type of weeping. I saw the weeping of a soul crying out in realization of the magnitude of the “wrong” that we can only understand ourselves. The cry of realization of the magnitude of remorse. Part of a process as the realization of wrongdoing becomes overwhelming, as God takes us by the hand and marches us to the cross.

While Beck continues on at Fox, for whatever period, we should be able to pick up on the double message. There will be one for those that “get it” hidden behind the propaganda that must be mouthed to fulfill the contract.

For those that have been changed and given a new purpose not of this world, but to be delivered to this world. If you look you can see them. They were lost and now they are found; blind, but now they see.

And to get there, sometimes we need to experience enough evil to scare us.

It is often easiest to see the light when shown true darkness. Beck may be trying to tell us all he is tired of being part of what he describes as a poison. He emphasized quite effectively that he had seen  enough poison that he was pushed to see the light. He admitted to his own role in the process.

And the jelly bean jar shook to show there was no turning back. Amen!

I am happy for Beck. Despite his job of eliciting propaganda he has made a decision that can best be described by him on where he would be in his life: “This isn’t what I planned”.

The jelly bean jar Beck shook was to show how once changed it is impossible to go back. Reflective of the devastation on the globe due to the globalist push to eugenics in disguise of climate change, it is also reflective of spiritual change. Once God saves you, you are forever a different creature.

When the biggest persecutor of Christians of his day travelled down the Road to Damascus, and was visited by Jesus, he dropped to his knees and in an instant knew who was before him. “What will you have me do Lord?”

Whoever knew Saul of Tarsus before his visit they would not have recognized him after – instant transformation from sinner to saint. But there was a process.

It likely involved much weeping as the veil was lifted from Saul’s eyes – as God pointed out the poison he suffered under. The process of redemption was underway. God took Saul by the hand and marched him to the cross.

We know him now as the Apostle Paul. He was to be a strong ally of good. He was to point out that which was evil. And if anyone would have asked him where he would have seen his life going four years prior, he would no doubt have never seen that coming.

To tell a half truth is to be silent on the realization of the entire evil. Beck asked his audience, “Can we call it good and evil?”

And, as Beck pointed out, Silence in the face of evil is evil”.

“There is a God. He holds us accountable”.

There are signs to suggest it may become increasingly difficult for Beck to continue to read from the teleprompter that represents the poison of a life past.

Fox may be wondering if they have already lost Glenn Beck. They may be at odds to understand why he resists doing what used to come easy.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think so.

There really is something to be said for dropping to one’s knees.


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