Watch the Ivy, Canada: You don’t want our Universities going the way of Harvard

Ivy league, eh?

Wow, what a goal, and what an aspiration.

Hold on. What you see is not necessarily a good thing.

We are starting to see a push in Canadian Universities, recently being fought against at the University of Western Ontario at London, Ontario, and at Carleton University in Ottawa. The issues are key. The resistance important. The players are the faculty, and I would hope the students supporting the faculty to keep education real, meaningful, and outside of external influence and control.

Because, if the province is able to tether professor tenure then we in Canada will go by way of political retooling – where reality does not meet training; where the rubber of true thought isn’t allowed to meet the road of resistance and free thought.

As in our last article pointing out the resistance of Professors at Western University, the Orwellian State may be closer than we think. Our desire to have our children  get an ivy league education may have been a marketing smokescreen.

President Barack Obama was granted the Nobel Peace Prize but he hadn’t even done anything to deserve it.

Nobel officials said their stunning pick was meant to build momentum behind Obama’s initiatives to reduce nuclear arms, ease tensions with the Muslim world and stress diplomacy and cooperation rather than unilateralism.

So the Peace Prize is a political tool to support a direction or motive, but not for work already done? To shape agenda by rewarding behavior? The Nobel Prize therefore is nothing more than a tool of propaganda ; now just a means to effect a political end, and to shape public perception of both the desired agenda and to give credence and support to the recipient.

President Barack Obama has become the chosen one, while at the same time waning in popularity at home. I guess that’s okay if you know the world is your oyster; if you are aware your future has been laid out for you like the Nobel Prize before it is deserved. And, we wonder why the Republican campaign is taking aim at Obama the elitist? The Nobel Prize is just a measure of who is the New World Order golden boy of the moment.

What does this have to do with education? Why the talk about the “elitist” Obama, and the Nobel Prize that supports the facade of greatness?

It applies in another setting – that of the credibility and stature of leading the sheeple of society to aspire to the echelons of the highest learning possible. What university stands out as one of the elite? Which rings the bell of Ivy League stature? Harvard.

We probably don’t know why Harvard is mentioned as a place where the aspiring young adult can find the world waiting to be had, if only he can get to the Ivy League education the system of education would have us believe exists there. In truth, education is a combination of desirable environment, including the professors and the curriculum to promote the freedom to explore the universe. Hence the term university. It’s meant to be an experience not a sales forum.

Have universities been kept free of political influence? Or, have they been tainted by  political agendas, and the administrators and faculty moulded to effect elitist will and support political goals?

Like the branding of a president with a Nobel Peace Prize to effect a desired outcome, universities may shape young minds, but not in a desirable way.

And so, would universities such as Harvard be breeding grounds to give credibility to a direction of education that can surpass the hallowed halls of learning, and enter the mainstream media, influencing the world as a whole – economically and politically? The answer is yes. Yes, it can, yes it will, and yes it has.

One could argue that the current political shapings of society and world-view are supported by the very professors that shape our youth as they enter the “elite” roles the world has waiting for the Ivy Leaguers.

We have talked about some of that influence already when we looked at Martin Feldstein and Niall Ferguson, both very influential Harvard Professors. Their agendas –  that of Bilderberg.

Now, you may have heard of Harvard, and Ivy League, and you can be forgiven if you have not heard about Bilderberg. Suffice it to say, it’s time to put mainstream media aside, and to get an alter-education into the control grid awaiting you. You will not walk away from this education without a sort of disdain for culture as you might have known it. The journey to a new level of awareness and truth will become an obsession in all likelihood. And the way you view the world will forever change.

So, it’s quite easy to view the moves in Ontario Universities to push an agenda that seems to have similar roots.

Why, at Western University, did they push for the neo-con Ann Coulter to visit, where she brashly put our country down not long ago?:

“They better hope the United States doesn’t roll over one night and crush them,” she said onHannity & Colmes in 2004. “They’re lucky they’re allowed to be on the same continent as the United States.”

Or worse, why she was allowed to insult a Muslim student in front of her peers:

On second thought, perhaps the University of Ottawa President who felt bad for Coulter should allow her to come back – but this time – it’s open, politically correct season to let the students tell her exactly what they think of her poor taste, low-class, hate speech disguised as “free speech”. I would say, with all sincerity, that I have full confidence that the students of Ottawa University could teach her a thing or two, and the engagement – let’s just say –  would be well worth the cover charge.

The classic  question for these universities has to be: “Who invited her?”

The tainted, political activist in me that does not see the new world with rosy (O’Donnell) covered glasses sees a different pattern of reasoning emerging. Where do the Presidents of these universities get their bacon and funding from – politicians in Ottawa? Of course.

So if there were elitist agendas to promote the “official story of 9/11”,  to blame 9/11 on Bin Laden and other Muslims, and to the support of the war effort, it would be well served by promoting a visit from the not hard to look at, but hard to swallow likes of Ann Coulter. And, because most young men at universities are into beer and broads, it could easily be construed that they might be influenced by a shapely fembot. No room to suppose intellect and knowing what in the world is happening here I suppose. I don’t know, I would have to say it backfired, and the laughs, Annie, may have been for comedic slang, and not content. Sorry dear-y. Canada is not your oyster. Go back and tell your neo-con controllers it aint workin’ here.

That is, it would seem the vision of those parading this speaker series coast to coast. From what I understand – London, Ottawa, Calgary, and in the words of Buzz Lightyear – “and beyond”.

Political agenda to sell Canada out to a larger agenda perhaps? To shape the minds of our young, that we paid good money to send to school, to listen to this trash-talker that thinks Christianity can be bought at the barrel of a gun?

I don’t think Jesus would be too impressed. Not since, from what I know, the Muslims will be coming to Christ in large numbers with or without war.

I would be far more impressed to see a man such as Ron Paul, the true leader of the Tea Party Movement visit our schools – where issues of America including abolishing the Fed would be in primary focus. Not to mention a fresh investigation into the police state creating 9/11 issue, and the instigation of the Patriot Act to take us one step closer to an elitist run world.

The point is, if Ron Paul becomes President of the United States, he may have to call the Vatican to see who made the mode of transportation for the Pope. And, he might ask permission to use the term “Paul-mobile” when his car is made. A man that would have to live in a bubble so he doesn’t go by way of JFK.

Oh, there are issues in this world that the students at university know all too well.

It’s time to admit it, and stop trying to parade influence in front of them is a quest to support the new world order politics.

Let those taking the courses on “globalization”  run with it. Let the students tell their peers and their profs what they think of the right-stripping control that the world is trying to ram down their throats, and  what they think of the control being imposed on how the world is presented to them.

The game is over. It’s time to tell the administrators of higher learning in the United States and Canada that the students will support the professors that are standing up for freedom – the freedom to share without fear the issues of the world.

Just because it says Ivy League does not mean it is elite. No more so than the title of Nobel Prize. Unfortunately politics has shaped opinion.

I for one am proud of the professors at Universities such as Western, in London, Ontario.

And if you don’t think there is a world-wide drive to political conformism, perhaps you haven’t seen these speeches by John Howard and Stephen Harper, related to the war effort in Iraq:

Or, if you were around during the War in the Gulf, you would no doubt have not seen this piece of fabrication fashioned by CNN:

Or, to make it a little clearer!:

Who writes this stuff?

I understand there is a department in the Canadian government to address “wrong ideas” out in the blogosphere. I will await their call!

But the issue here is the bastion of freedom in education. All eyes should be watching. The world is at stake.

Postscript: Here is an interesting article that has this to add:

This “One World” order will be brought about by a shift in the political, economic, environmental, and education arenas. The political arena is crucial because of its ability to engage whole nations with the stroke of a pen. Government leaders play significant roles in making internal changes that will ultimately affect their national sovereignty. In bringing about such a new age of international cooperation, national sovereignty will have to be surrendered. Therefore, it is not surprising that President Bush went to the United Nations first in order to obtain approval for using force against Saddam Hussein. Many wonder if he now sees the U.N. Charter as more important than the U. S. Constitution. There are those who are presently calling for a constitutional convention to bring about a change in our nation’s way of governing itself.


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