University of Western Faculty Strike almost a certainty

Are you part of the herd, willing to sacrifice freedom?

Is our society so stupid that they play right into the tricks that will relinquish freedom?

When the issue is freedom whether academic or otherwise, what should be the price? How much would it take for you to give up your freedom? How much should the faculty of universities give up that will directly affect the level of education of our children?

That is at the heart of the issues at UWO, fast approaching the strike deadline set a few hours from now at 12 AM, Nov 3rd.

As sad as this is, the learning experience for students may be greater than that provided from the courses they are taking. They may just learn the greatest lesson of all – freedom cannot be negotiated, nor should it.

In her book, author Indhu Rajagopal described the issues for part-time faculty that has been contracted known as ‘temps’. As James Compton, head of the UWOFA had mentioned, the part-timers may feel more manipulated by a system bent on power plays.

But also at risk, is getting rid of the 50+ full-time faculty for money savings.

And, according to Rajagopal’s book, “Hidden Academics: Contract Faculty in Canadian Universities”, the savings seem to be going into non-teaching areas such as technology expenditures.

Listening to the commentary on this morning, the flavor of commentary has not taken into account the big picture of what this really means.

It may be a drive to lower the cost of the bottom line but I don’t think so.

As Compton pointed out, the tuitions are not going to go down, so where is the money going to go?

One caller to AM980, a law student, claimed the “beef was with the Provincial Government” and not the university.

Oh, how the big picture is not being seen here!

The question that must be asked by those willing to blame the faculty should be why would they be wanting to protect “freedoms” in education? Is it to save the butts of those that could be earmarked for budget cuts, and suddenly they will be on the “performance appraisal” list? Perhaps.

But more likely, it is to preserve the reason Western is at the top of student experience. AM980 should be a little less biased in my opinion. And, yes, our family has a vested interest in the outcome.

The Globe and Mail has filed this recent report with links.

And at the heart of the reason for concern, is the fact that faculty could be manipulated to toe the line, virtually leaving the level of education at “joke levels”. Welcome to the police learning state:

Under the new system, faculty would be reviewed by departments, as they are now, but those evaluations would then go to a “central committee” that could impose discipline, amounting in some cases to eventual dismissal, Prof. Compton said.

Orwell, 1984, and the sheeple that do not see the big picture of control! A shame, but an expected shame. The question really is, “are you part of the herd?”

Do you remember Aaron Russo (filmaker, “Trading Places”)?. Well, he sat down with one of the Rockefellers and found out what the end game was. He resisted, and part of the resitance was on his show, Mad as Hell! He saw the writing on the wall, was not a part of the herd, and was a great perveyor of freedoms, rights, and the U.S. Constitution. So, who are you? Because according to Russo, “what happened on 9/11 was a phony. The agenda is to create a One World Government. What we want doesn’t matter anymore….it’s not about money, it’s about control!

Sound like the issues at the University of Western Ontario? Not about money but control?

Go ahead, grab that remote, and just hope your kid gets to stay at school. Or, put down the remote, and learn why sheeple are the way they are.


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