Does Stephen Harper seem uncomfortable with the agenda?: By his resistance, we can see where the enemy is

I have both supported and questioned Stephen Harper. But, there is always a point that man must forgive his fellow man, when true repentance is obvious. After all, who are we to judge another. We are all “dirty rags” when we compare our own humanity to that of divinity. We have seen evidence to support that there is questioning going on. I might be seeing resistance of an agenda by our Prime Minister. Whether a blessing or a curse, let’s just say I have a sixth sense that helps me put pieces together.

First, watch this clip, that was posted earlier on another article related to poison in drinking water:

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told reporters in Edmonton on Wednesday that he would receive the H1N1 vaccine if it was recommended. Aides later clarified Harper's statements, saying he would get the vaccine if it was approved. (Jimmy Jeong/Canadian Press) Read more:

Now, read this article from way back in 2009, of the questioning of our Prime Minister, if he would be taking the H1N1 shot that was pushed so heavily in media.

If Alex Jones’ research and experts are painting a strong argument that the flu vaccines will become vessels to alter the brain, dumbing us down by injecting live, damaging viruses into us , then the resistance would be understandable. Harper may know full well. He of course was not alone.

Just as interesting as the article by the CBC, is the first comment below it, linked to Prison It’s all about profit at the price of health – a perfect double whammy by the globalists. Let’s not even talk about the “water war crimes”.

The H1N1 shot last year proved to be a hoax, so the question is, why did the WHO (World Health Organization) push its’ marketing so hard? And, why did the U.S. come out in the same, drive to forced vaccinations, when resistance was clear:

When asked on CNN to respond to several nationwide polls indicating that Americans do not trust the vaccine because it has been rushed through safety procedures, Sebelius said that it was “targeted specifically at the H1N1 virus”, despite the fact that the pharmaceutical companies themselves admit that there is “no clinical experience in the elderly, in children or in adolescents” with their new vaccines.

It’s almost flu season again….food for thought indeed.

Switching gears, headlines out of the Toronto Star November 3rd, bring us this piece, “Harper has burned bridges abroad, Ignatieff says”.

Ignatieff does not see the clear mission of the United Nations as a vessel of globalist control, or he is part of the mission, when he criticized Harper:

In a major foreign-policy speech on Tuesday in Montreal, Ignatieff says that Canada’s failure to obtain a seat on the United Nations Security Council should be a wake-up call about the country’s dwindling reputation abroad.

“The world forced us to look in the mirror and we don’t like what we see,” Ignatieff says, calling the UN rebuff a “clear condemnation” of the way the Harper government has conducted its politics abroad.

“We should be building bridges, not burning them,” Ignatieff says.

It’s about Christianity fighting the New World Order, as described well in this article:

This “One World” order will be brought about by a shift in the political, economic, environmental, and education arenas. The political arena is crucial because of its ability to engage whole nations with the stroke of a pen. Government leaders play significant roles in making internal changes that will ultimately affect their national sovereignty. In bringing about such a new age of international cooperation, national sovereignty will have to be surrendered. Therefore, it is not surprising that President Bush went to the United Nations first in order to obtain approval for using force against Saddam Hussein. Many wonder if he now sees the U.N. Charter as more important than the U. S. Constitution. There are those who are presently calling for a constitutional convention to bring about a change in our nation’s way of governing itself.

It was interesting to note a while ago that Harper has the Christian influence in his government:

In the wake Marci McDonald’s newly released book The Armageddon Factor: The Rise Of Christian Nationalism In Canada, a political firestorm has erupted on Parliament Hill, igniting debate about just who’s influencing the policy decisions made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The release of McDonald’s book comes amid the brewing tension of apparent ideological moves made by the Harper government, including the ‘Mexico City Policy’ for the upcoming G8 maternal and child health initiative, the rescinding of funds of women’s organizations who promote a full range of family planning options, and the denial of federal tourism funds for Pride Toronto.

With public focus being drawn to the back rooms of the PMO, the Harper government lashed out following a CBC segment featuring an interview with McDonald and a glimpse at some of the people discussed in the book. The Conservatives accused the public broadcaster of “fomenting religious division” and waging a “faith war” in an “ongoing campaign against the Conservative Party.” (Take note, this is just the latest in a string of baseless allegations made by the Conservative Party and Right Wing pundits against the CBC.)

Interesting that it is the CBC that has criticized the Christian influence in the Harper backoffices, considering Peter Mansbridge attended Bilderberg this year in Spain, along with several Canadian banking officials for the T.D., and the Premier of B.C. After all, Bilderberg is in bed with the powers that be in the U.N. to effect a One World Government that promises the guise of Climate Change to effect what can best be described as world population reduction.

Sounds crazy, eh? Yeah, wish it were. When Gord Campbell said the Bilderbergers talked about the issues of feeding the world, we wondered if he became privy to the mission to use inoculations to sterilize and climate change taxation to reduce the food supply so millions in third world countries would starve. I wonder if an initial visit to Bilderberg would have jerked into high gear like that, or would it be like a PR gesture to say, “see, we are GOOD PEOPLE”, go home and tell your countries it’s all just a bad joke that we really are eugenicists. Okay?” “Go home little insignificant minions, go home now”.

Let’s switch gears yet again.

Let’s look at Harper’s resistance to the Bank Tax that would have been used to bail out failing global central banks.

Not to mention the other tax de resistance, the 2% Climate tax (2% of Canada’s GDP) that was to be given to the United Nations as a good will gesture on Climate Change. Remember, Hillary Clinton was the first to suggest the cheque book be pulled out for that cause.

Clinton’s announcement, made during a packed news conference, represents a major breakthrough in the U.N.-led talks, which had all but ground to a halt last night. But Clinton emphasized that the money is only on the table so long as fast-growing nations like China and India accept binding commitments that are open to international inspection and verification. If other countries don’t bend, she warned, the poorest countries will suffer.

Of course Hillary, because at the end of the day, it’s all about control of those nations the U.N. cannot get a handle on. But China and Russia are still not in bed, so as Webster Tarpley has so well pointed out, the goal of Brzezinski is not for the U.S. to attack Iran, but to set the stage for Iran to fight Russia and/or China, cutting off valuable oil supplies:

Brzezinski argued that no more direct military

Click here to see why he believes the world is "waking up" to reality

attacks by the United States should be made for the time being, and that US policy should rather focus on playing off other states against each other, while the US remained somewhat aloof. Brzezinski’s model was always his own successful playing of the Soviet Union against Afghanistan in 1979, leading to the collapse of the Soviet empire a decade later. A centerpiece of Brzezinski’s argument was evidently the claim that color revolutions on the model of Ukraine 2004 were much a better tool than the costly and dangerous US bombing and US invasion always championed by the monomaniacal neocons. There was clearly an implication that Brzezinski could deliver a color revolution in Iran, as he had done in Ukraine.

And Ignatieff cannot understand Harper’s lack of interest in being represented on the U.N. Security Council? Phewie!

Back to the climate duping, yeah sorry….

Of course, if you don’t know Cap n’ Trade, and the Bilderbergers being in on that charade, you probably haven’t seen the evidence yet. We did a piece when Earth Hour became just too much propaganda to bare. Sorry, the bank tax, yes. Well, in another move that has Harper seeing the light, and doing what can be done to stop New World Order enterprises, here is the gist of the G20:

The dispute over bank taxes is shaping up as a key point of debate in Toronto when Canada hosts the G20 June 26-27, immediately after Canada hosts the G8 in Huntsville, Ont.

Rather than taxing banks, Mr. Harper said, he wants the G20 to focus on plans to tackle growing deficits and improve financial-sector regulation. But that agenda is at risk of being eclipsed by events tied to the Greek debt crisis.

Call me crazy, but there is a picture of Bill Clinton and Stephen Harper in Davos Switzerland that sticks in my mind. The look on Clinton’s face tells it all. It’s as if he were looking at a man that should be doing more to further the cause.

Clinton’s look is one of looking tired, worn down, and exhausted with the impossibly idiotic mission the effectors are supposed to bring to the table. You know the mission, that according to Charlie Skelton is “expected to be implemented”.

Well, let’s have a laugh to end this piece of support of P.M. Harper. I see resistance. The pieces are there. I hope I’m not wrong, and I hope for Harper’s sake he really is genuine with the Christian influence, and the resisitance to all things Bilderberg.

As for the B.C. Premier, I will leave you with this comment from Charlie Skelton. Just think about it Gord, okay?:

The premier of British Columbia, Gordon Campbell, is 62. Still a little young to be put out to grass, a little too spry to be waggling his willy at past glories, especially when you consider that a trip to Bilderberg often means a career leap is just round the corner. (David Cameron 2008, Tony Blair 1993, Bill Clinton 1991). Congratulations, Prime Minister Campbell!

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