The (new) World, according to McGuinty

He's here......

...and all around her!

When the Queen of England came to Canada, apparently Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty was close at her side. Her every move was monitored closely to ensure she was happy. Sharing the 3D experience, to the Blackberry explanation, it must have been a nauseating vision to watch. I wonder how the Queen felt about the suck up?

The National Post adds this:

This morning’s prayer at the Cathedral Church of St. James, attended by the Queen, Prince Philip, and Premier Dalton McGuinty and his wife, Terry, saw thousands of well-wishers thronging in bright sunshine, fittingly on King Street, to cheer their monarch; the parishoners belted out God Save Our Queen and O Canada with gusto.

Read more:

We must forgive any view that the Queen has had about the New World. She was in New York not long ago addressing the United Nations, and said the “waging of peace” would be difficult on the leaders of the world. Whatever could she have meant? We have seen the waging of peace as an excuse before. It is similar to the argument of some war supporting Bilderbergers.

Perhaps too, we should forgive Prince Philip for practicing the new world jargon when he said he would, well, let’s let him tell us:

“In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.” — Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, in 1988

That’s swell Prince. Glad to have folks of your calibre visit us folks in Canada. Don’t mind me if I choose not to shake your hand.

The mission of the Globalist hobnobbers is to reduce and control the remaining population of the world. There are too many people, and they are out of control would be the argument.

Funny it would be church that the visitors would go to, seeing as how Christianity and Globalism does not seem to jive:

The Christian family represents even more of a threat to the globalist agenda. The Christian’s belief in the authority of the Bible is especially a concern for the internationalist. Christians who believe in God, in sin, in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone, stand in the way of the globalist plan for a one-world religion, whereas liberal Christianity does not pose such a threat.

The coming world religion or what I refer to as “cosmic humanism,” will bring all faiths together into one central belief system. It will be tolerant of all faiths with the exception of those that absolutize. All the religions of the world will be able to sign off on its basic tenets; however, orthodox Christianity, Judaism, and Islam will not allow absorption.

The article was written in 2003, and it is uncanny as a predictor of what is happening today.

We can look at another aspect that might support the reasoning Premier McGuinty was more than accommodating to the Queen and the Prince. Let’s have a look at the aspects of education in the New World:

The last arena that the globalists have used to bring about their “One World” order is education. They are fully aware that if they are successful in capturing the minds of this generation they will be able to usher in a new global agenda that will change the world as we know it forever.

The traditional family poses a threat to globalism for two reasons. First, it is still the primary socializing unit in our society. Parents pass on social, cultural, and spiritual values to their children. Often, the values of the traditional family are not in harmony with the goals of globalism. Goals such as tolerance for a one-world religion are not acceptable to the Christian.

Second, parental authority in a traditional family clearly supercedes international authority. Children are taught to obey their parents in such families. Parents and not the state have authority over their children. Globalists, therefore, see the traditional family as an enemy and not an ally in meeting their agenda.

Ashley Montagu, a humanist and a globalist, told a group of educators that “the American family structure produces mentally ill children.” From his perspective, the traditional family which teaches such things as loyalty to God and loyalty to country is not producing mentally fit children for the next century.

Globalist educators seek to educate children at an earlier and earlier age in order for them to indoctrinate the young minds of the future. The earlier they can reach children with global ideas the more likely they can break the influence held by the family.

Okay, creepy enough for you?

Wait, check out this video clip of Sir McGuinty explaining how good it will be to take your kids and put them in “state” control as early as possible (no diapers please):

Give us time, I am sure there will be plenty more evidence to surface to suggest the new world advantage McGuinty says we will all have will be “really good” for the people of Ontario, Canada, and the World.

Just one little glitch. We’ll have to give up all of our rights and freedoms and hope we are not the victim of the virus ‘ol Prince Phillip wants to return as.


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