Other encounters of November 6th, 2010: Friend of daughter noticed “blue lights” over park in neighbourhood

We will be checking with my daughter’s friend, who claimed he saw blue lights hovering over a neighbourhood park the night of November 6th, 2010, whether they looked like this account, from Washington, D.C.:

The question is, what’s with “close encounters” as they get closer, where it appears the lights of the craft turn blue?. Check out this vid from China:

Over Manhatten, this amateur video. Interesting, that the announcer brings in the Biblical element. Ezekiel 1: 17-19 must be read for sure!:

And, when you tie in the potential of these orbs/vessels as beacons to be the “Bigger Brother” over the earth; to protect us from the “Big Brother” control grid being imposed by the globalists, it makes one wonder if God and divine intervention is and has been ensuring there is a certain level of control imposed on the beings of earth. According to Bob Jacobs, as shown in our previous article, we must be protected from the Government, as they do not admit or tell us the truth.

I can’t help but think without vessels disarming the nukes as reported by Jacobs and others, if we as a people on earth would not have destroyed ourselves long ago.


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