How to bring the truth: Add lots of humor!

How humor can show the world those that are not “socially acceptable anymore”….from genital grabbing TSA agents to suicide bankers, who is going to want to prolong the agony of the jokes against them?

Make me laugh!

And when you’ve made me laugh, I will become more receptive to what you have to say.

Not being a psychologist, I don’t think I need to look up research that supports the fact that humorous means to bring a message will have a positive effect on those receiving the message. So, don’t be too heavy.

When people tune in to the Alex Jones show, or the Keiser Report with Max Keiser, serious issues of our liberty being at stake is the topic. So, a little laugh or two to go along with the situation can’t hurt – in fact it probably helps a lot!

There is another thing that humor brings – it sends a clear message of that which is ridiculous. For not only will those listening be receptive, they are likely to learn how to pass on this information.

After all, nobody wants to be the brunt of a joke. “They might laugh at me”.

The recent joking of Alex Jones about “Al Qaeda” during the fourth hour of today’s show made me laugh, as it no doubt made several others laugh.

Because when the TSA agents at the airport call out, “opt out” in a loud voice, you might want to chime in, “Oh no, they might have an Al-Qaeda terrorist over there, oh my!”

It might even make the workers for TSA think twice before reporting for work. Who wants to work at a job everyone makes fun of?

Mini Max

And, anybody that has tuned in to Max Keiser, complete with mini Max, and the headless Hank Paulson doll, can’t help but want to see the next episode.

no this is the "real" Blankfein, not "mini Blankfein....I know, hard to tellOr how about the Keiser Report below, that has a mini Lloyd Blankfein (2:00 mark):

And the follow up episode (2:15 mark):

Don’t miss seeing Ben Bernanke’s head at the 3:00 mark, and Hank Paulson’s head at the 3:20 mark, because there is always a new Ponzi Banker to replace the “beheaded” ones!

Because according to Keiser, the terrorists deserve decapitation. He has his box-cutter, because if it can take down the World Trade Centers, it can take care of the terrorists known as suicide bankers.
So don’t think it a bad thing that folks tune in for the entertainment.

And if you want to tackle that nasty, mocking neighbor who thinks you’re a crackpot, bring the truth with a grain of humor. Whatever works, and makes people receptive.

For example, would you have a good laugh if I told you we just witnessed a UFO? Yeah, thought so, so how do I bring that supposed truth humorously and at the same time, make you believe me? Hmmm…. “Did you hear the one about the chinese lantern that turned out to be a space ship, or an anti-gravity aircraft the globalists are using worldwide to scare the world into a global alien crisis?”

Did you laugh? Do you believe me? Well, I guess I need to work on that one.

How about…..

Would you like fries with that Al Qaeda burger?


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