The blue proof of the UFO scam: More on the ‘blue’ of Project Blue Beam

In our last articles, we have been exploring the possibility that the UFO hoax is really a holographic projector, perhaps from a satellite(s).

The issue is where the focal point of the projected image is, and if it appears in UFO sightings.

There is little doubt that the degree of technology is greater than we have been shown. As argued by David Icke and others, they might have anti-gravity vessels, but more likely they have at the very least the ability to project holographic images from a long distance away.

That thought was shared by Serge Monast:

Blue Beam is apparently based in the high security complex of Area 51 in Nevada. The project has allegedly been tested numerous times in remote areas creating holographic images of Jesus Christ and UFOs.

Serge Monast thought the Project would take place before the year 2000.

Here is a case in Carolina, that had one part of the State seeing this image:

This was seen in Simpsonville, SC.

The key to watching this blue orb is near the end of the video,  the shape shifts, which would be consistent with what would be observed when a lens changes focus.

Approximately 185 miles away, an orange orb was seen. The point of contention, is, is this the focal point of a satellite laser holographic projector? If it was beaming to the earth from a long distance away, and pointing toward where the orbs were seen, then it would make perfect sense.

Remember, it is projecting an image that will be present miles away as in this report.

Let’s look for a similar pattern noticeable in a couple more youtube videos. First, take a look at this video of a “fleet”. It was taken from the vantage point of an airplane, but the blue ring is obvious. What is not as obvious is the projected holographic images below it, that supports the blue ring, and orbs in two locations:

Key to this video is the images in the blue ring. Notice they are little white dots. What is the image in the sky below? The same white dots, only likely magnified. If you have seen a similar orb, ask yourself if it could be a light projected. Was it glowing, and pulsing?

Here is another eyewitness account that would support the perfect circular formation that the “blue ring” would produce:

“Then I pivoted around,” she continues, “and saw it was part of a circle of seven Sky Ships over my house. The others were smaller than my thumb, but much bigger than stars. All of them werepulsating red, blue and gold colors. I’ve never seen more than three or four Sky Ships at a time before then – never seven. The astounding thing was they stayed in that perfect circle formation for hours. They were still there when I finally went to bed

More evidence of a Canadian woman in Ontario who witnessed not only the burning orbs, but the blue, pulsing light:

At the time, Oechsler was unaware of Diane’s sighting, but he later discovered that the video accurately showed what she had reported seeing. The tape showed a cluster of brightly burning red flames, similar to flares. To their right hovered a dark, disk-like object emitting a bright glow from its underside. The object was capped by a rapidly strobbing blue light. To Bob Oechsler, the tape looked real

The timeline might suggest this technology has been around for a while.

Read more: After a Canadian woman witnesses a UFO landing near her home, a mysterious video tape of the event is sent to investigators. | Yaphet Kotto Official Website

And here is another video with amazing images that the videographer was impressed as being real. The alleged UFO’s in this sighting would represent a high degree of holographic 3D technology.

Before you prepare to watch this clip, I would like to draw your attention to the first couple of seconds in the top right corner. Do you notice the blue light? There seems to be a pattern for sure where there is a blue orb or focal point as I like to call it, that would suggest a holographic projected image.


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