The Golden Age: Are you ready to let go of your “belief systems”?

Jesus said he would make foolish the wisdom of the wise

We are in the midst of a barrage of information. We are being asked to choose what it is we are supposed to believe, and are being asked to throw away in the process, perhaps our own longstanding beliefs.

Are we being deceived?

If you are a Christian – what I might describe as a clubbed over the head Christian; meaning you have had an “encounter” with Jesus and know it, you will be challenged in the coming days. And if you believe in Jesus without an encounter that you can put your finger on, then you are what Jesus would have described to his apostles, including “doubting” Thomas, as believers from faith – oh how much greater you are for faith without proof!

When we speak of the definition of law – an observed regularity in nature – we should include the proof of the growing numbers of people who have had similar divine encounters. Do those who challenge the”proof” of God’s existence give credence to this statistic? Likely not, and it rather supports the notion that those looking to prove anything but the existence of Jesus as the son of God will have an easy time of it. Their “wisdom” is foolish as Jesus explains. Usually there is an external motive that is most often hidden.

The one thing the refuters of  Christ as the Messiah cannot do in piecing together their “big picture” is who really started the universe and why. You will see an argument, but there are several missing, crucial pieces in every one of them. Their explanations are far more “out there” than Biblical explanation. The Bible concepts are simple. The counter arguments will leave you scratching your head.

If you don’t believe me, research yourself. Don’t let the titles, cardigan sweaters, and backgrounds fool you. At the end of the day, it boils down to having faith or not. And oh, there will be those challenging times.

When the bright glowing orb passed over our house not long ago, I was challenged to make sense of it all, and wonder how the potential of life on other planets would jive with my view as a Christian, who not long ago, had an encounter with Jesus. While I cannot say I  literally “saw God” in the flesh, I can tell you the experience was overwhelming.

Since that time, I have come to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and have been made aware of many aspects of the Bible. The most important of these is that “evil controls this world” in the present day. And, as the second coming of Christ approaches, things will happen; one of which will be the falling away of many  followers of Christ.

How can that happen one might ask.

In the last days, it is written that there will be false prophets and false teachers. I would surmise that either intentionally or unintentionally they will play a role in deceiving believers and unbelievers alike. In a real sense, there is a sales drive for your soul taking place right now. What will you choose to believe? Who will you give credibility to, as you try to make sense of the bombardment of the non-sensical?

In Jude 1:17, we were warned:

But you, my dear friends, must remember what the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ said.18 They told you that in the last times there would be scoffers whose purpose in life is to satisfy their ungodly desires. 19 These people are the ones who are creating divisions among you. They follow their natural instincts because they do not have God’s Spirit in them.

It’s funny how things happen, isn’t it?

I had become a believer and follower of Jesus, and one day my sons told me that Charlie Sheen was looking into 9/11. Charlie Sheen?, I remembered thinking. I really like Charlie, and if he’s looking into this, then heck, I better have a closer look too. It turns out that my slumber was not shared by my sons – they had suspected 9/11 as being an “inside job” long before I had. Where had I been?, they asked.

So, In my research I turned on the source that would bring video after video – reflection upon reflection (YouTube of course!).

I watched film after film of the third building that I was not aware of – WTC7, or the other name – the Solomon Brothers building.

I watched clip after clip of the building falling straight down, pulverized into dust, and the horror hit me in two waves. The first was the realization that 9/11 was an inside job. The second was more disturbing – a flash of realization that evil does indeed rule this world, and will until Jesus returns.

Further understanding as helped along from the fighter of the New World Order, Alex Jones was invaluable too.

Leading up to my encounter with Christ there was an important prologue – I needed to see evil. And, my friends, let me just say without getting into circumstances or detail, Christ was working in our lives (my family) before he made himself a little better known. Wisdom came in waves. Being able to see things without proof became another gift. It has been a wild ride ever since.

But I want to make one thing clear. Before my encounter I was not a churchgoer, or a religious zealot. I was your average sinner, and still am. Every day we must ask ourselves how things are going, and how’s my relationship with Jesus today?

As Alex Jones would say, we are but mere “dirty rags”, entrusted with a mission to bring truth. And bring truth we must.

Over the past few articles we have been exploring the UFO issue. The potential for “Project Blue Beam” being used as the weapon of choice to deceive the masses of the earth – in an attempt to unite us against the common enemy or friend – the aliens that have been among us (supposedly for thousands of years).

In the way of the belief in aliens stands Jesus Christ.

For it would be easy for the naysayers of Christ to say the Garden of Eden was not created by God, but was controlled by what the Sumerians would describe as alien beings known as the “Anunnaki”.

Part 2, 3

It would then be easy to write Jesus off as a man merely trying to support the “Abrahamic Faith”, as Edmund Marriage explained. As the Druids were less a “religion” as opposed to an order to keep a society civil – a way of life and a way to control society in order to be fair. Egad!

We previously described the sales pitch of Stanley Fulham, the retired NORAD employee, who wrote a book that suggested aliens are warning us of the perils of climate change. He explained how on October 13th, they would visit but not land. Visit they did. Land, they did not. What a prophesy!

One of his religious mentors as he explained was Dr. Bart Ehrman of The University of North Carolina. Ehrman has claimed that a spiritual encounter got him interested in religion, but later he fell away if you will, because he found flaws in the Bible. Or, the other reason he decided to take a critical view of the accounts of the Bible was because he could not accept that God would not fully protect and comfort those in pain in the world. I think that is called expecting God to do what you want, and if he doesn’t act accordingly, you have an excuse to fall away from faith. Yes, I believe that’s how it works.

Isn’t Ehrman really suggesting his students find proof to have faith? And if that isn’t a huge contradiction in terms, what is? For in faith, there is not full proof. That’s what makes faith, faith. Ehrman spends much of his time looking to find challenges to aspects of the Bible that count, evidenced by the below debate, the merits of the possible Resurrection of Christ. What’s the motive? To get the students to stand in defense of their faith, or to have them question it?

The sad truth is, Dr. Ehrman teaches his students to challenge the word of God.

I’m not sure Mr. Ehrman, or Mr. Fulham would have had an encounter with Jesus, but if Mr. Ehrman did, I’m sure he would have discounted that as “crazy” or explainable.

As a “historian” Mr. Ehrman has missed the crucial element. Trying to go back thousands of years as a history lesson is futile. Faith and history don’t often support each other – at least in the way mankind can grasp. But there are clues to support the faithful.

Eyewitness accounts would have several hundred Roman soldiers guarding the tomb where Jesus was, and they all conveniently fell asleep when the heavy rock was moved. That would be possible without a miracle I’m sure Mr. Ehrman could explain.

Stories don’t make people “convert” Mr. Ehrman, divine intervention does. Ehrman continues to miss the important message of faith.

The point is, it’s all about a level of faith, isn’t it? Without faith, nothing is fully explainable.

Moving on to the latest account. This time we have David Icke on the hot seat of belief or disbelief.

Icke has spent much time and energy over the years, in his words, studying the past, including what he would explain as “shape-shifting” aliens, that were put on this earth as the ruling class. This would be the Rockefellers and the Rothchilds, the Royal Family, the Bush family and others.

They would be the class that would inbreed to continue to rule the working, slave class on earth (the rest of us). The point is, it was reptilian aliens responsible for the goings on here on Earth. If you watch carefully, you might catch one of these elite “shape-shift” into a reptile before your eyes.

David Icke is right – he must have to put up with a lot of mockery for this belief.

He spends immeasurable time discussing what was shown above in the video series  – the Anunnaki – the gods of the universe (or another planet) who are really the gods (pronounced ‘God’) that formed the Garden of Eden.

Icke goes on to tell us all that we are an unending and infinite “consciousness” and the vehicle that we use in this realm of consciousness is the human form or body. We are using the “interface” of the human body to experience the world.

The evildoers that are the elite are attempting to have us remain in this body consciousness or realm, and not live up to our full potential if you will.

Where Icke explains the conspiracy of the world to a degree, many “leave him” there, when the reptilian, alien shape-shifting comes into play, that Icke describes as the truth – whether you can take it or not. That’s up to you.

In other words, forget the “fairy tale” aspects of the Bible. Forget that there is one true God, and he sent a son, Jesus Christ into this world.

I suppose forget the battle of good and evil. It is a battle to know your potential and experience the fullness of your being that the alien-driven elites are trying to suppress, in order that they fulfill the mission of us being slaves.

Put another way, good vs. evil, and God vs. Satan, can be explained away. Like Mr. Ehrman,  Mr. Fulham, and Edmund Marriage, the bottom line is the same – the rule is that the Bible is flawed in some way. The accounts cannot be proven. But, at the same time, their own accounts and reason the way things are can?

God would not have used several authors independent of one another to write accounts as directed by God, that miraculously tie in to one another – from the Old Testament prophetically talking about the coming of the Messiah. No, that according to their account of reality would not be possible.

Jesus had a warning for us as mentioned earlier. He warned that he would make foolish the “wisdom of the wise”.

The bottom line to understand the fullness of the Bible is to have faith.

Faith is the missing link worth it’s salt.

With faith, as Jesus said, you will understand the Bible where others cannot. When its messages mean something to the believer, it will be gibberish to the non-believer.

Jesus warned of false teachers in the last days.

There will also be so-called miracles of signs and wonders to convince the people of the earth that they should worship false gods. The Bible would be refuted, twisted, and criticized.

I suppose not all those that persecute Christianity will be given a second chance as was Saul of Tarsus on the road to Damascus. Many of us will have to choose what we will believe in these times.

Will it be Jesus and the accounts that God had formulated in the Bible? Or will it be accounts of aliens, either shape-shifting, reptiles or not?

Is it easier to try to piece together the reason the evil factions of this world are working against us to enslave us for no other purpose? Or does it make sense that it is a battle of our souls – that it is good vs. evil – God vs. Satan, to see who will ultimately keep their faith in God, and his son, Jesus Christ?

Are we to believe it is the Golden Age – where we become enlightened because we are all gods? Or, is it Christ enlightening us as the last attempt to help us see the light – the truth about God?

The litmus test of 9/11 was the falling of WTC7. The litmus test of faith is the explanation of who Jesus was and is.

Is Jesus the son of God, or a man, some call a mere prophet that was trying to create a new religion or faith?

Which will you believe?  The price is infinite.

They are pulling out all the stops. And bear this in mind. The ultimate prize is you. What will you believe? Will you  fall prey to the deceivers, or will you stand in the faith that Jesus Christ is the one true son of God, who sacrificed himself for the sins of mankind? The son who can forgive you of your sins if you should just seek him with all your heart, your soul, and your mind.

So, what will it be? Who will you put your faith in?


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