Doing his part: Julian Assange and Wikileaks dump information that stirs the true villains

By the title of this article alone I believe I will be put on the U.S. government “watch list”. Perhaps they will contact the same powers in my country that do similar duty. Yep, he’s at it again, or, we got another one might be the conversation moving forward on me and bloggers like me.

Like Assange, “they” might consider us publicity hounds. Yeah, that is so it, caught us! Good job head criminals, good job.

Tiresome is probably the best way to describe the usual toe the line stances the powers that be in government, law enforcement, and media take. You need look no further to their underlying mission and agenda to predict the stance they will take on any given piece of news, and like puppets, the strings are pulled and they all drift the cause toward the agenda. Some actually claim to be fair and balanced, and you know the news source I speak of. The “fair” part usually involves an attempted, well thought out attack on the “outside guy”, as in this attack on Gerald Celente on Fox News – another man that likes to simply tell it like it is, and for that reason, is branded an alarmist, or other such nonsense.

Note the picture used of Assange in the background – perhaps a little airbrushed to make him look really pale and sickly?

No, the usual suspects are simply up to their old tricks, and the only difference is the material.

Assange knows the issues today. He is using his resources to destroy the credibility of those that still hold hope that the establishment of the Clintons, the Bushes, or the Obamas, are there for their own country. The exposure is no different than having a witness in the witness box of a courtroom, and exposing corruption to question credibility. Of course there is going to be resistance. But the information if accurate should point the finger of doubt and accusation firmly on the deceivers, not the messengers. America needs to wake up, as does the rest of the world to what is going on.

When the power of office is used to further an agenda that is not in the best interest of a country, it is an extremely poor argument on anyone’s part to claim the whistleblower (or the source putting forth the info) is putting people at risk. Bologna!

The true risk is not seeing the corrupt for who they are. The real risk is not exposing these people as the frauds that they are. The policies and agendas are presented one way, but are intended to effect another outcome. The American people and the world are fed a story to buy that is removed from the truth. As Celente pointed out, it’s supposed to be a democracy! Yeah right! According to the news jockies supporting the lynching of Assange, it is okay for the government to tell you something that is false in the name of national security. Hogwash!

To close, hats off to Larry Klayman for giving us this.

God bless America and those conveying the truth to stop the insanity of the misdirected.


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