I’d like to hope that BNN brings analyses worth looking at twice a day like a broken clock!

Economics 101 – that is the schooling that John Williams, a seasoned economist with shadowstats.com brought to the table in the clip below, on BNN (Business News Network).

It is too bad the clip did not continue as the hosts discussed the fact that other experts they had on “essentially said the same thing” on numerous occasions. Funny  – that comment didn’t make the video cut for the website version.

A bit of a further shot was given in commentary to suggest that it could be looked at like a broken clock – at least  it’s right “twice a day”.  Oh, how the ignorance runs rampant!

John Williams was too good for the narrow focus of financial propaganda promoted by this channel. They couldn’t shine his shoes when it comes to the greater understanding of the disaster known as the U.S. and world economies . Williams doesn’t belong on the same show. Now, on non-mainstream truth facers, that’s another story. Got to admire Williams for his sense of humor despite the ignorance though. I guess he’s used to it.

I have watched BNN for the past several days, drifting in and out to listen to what can best be described as “making sure they don’t bite the hand that feeds them”. After all, if truth be known, who would be left to put advertising dollars in the hands of BNN?

The body language and the way the commentators react to Mr. Williams was not very respectful in my opinion, I don’t know how you will see it. But credit must be given where credit is due.

To throw out the fact that Paul Volcker (aka the “Volcker rule” famously brought up in these times) helped correct the last round of inflation does not take into account the big picture.

To excuse the current financial crisis on an explanation that the powers that be have made mistakes leading into this global financial meltdown is quite frankly ridiculous. They knew exactly what they were doing all along from the inception of the Federal Reserve System, through the derivatives scandal, and on and on. We are simply seeing the result.

To put merit in Ben Bernanke’s confidence that he can handle inflation at the time Bernanke has said “deflation” is the issue is in dire question. Bernanke was on record as saying that there was no housing bubble or derivative crisis too. How accurate has he been? Bernanke works for the globalists looking to strip the rights and wealth of the people, and ship that to the bankers and private investors offshore.

Perhaps the hosts of BNN should YouTube “Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory” on episodes like the FEMA Camps, reportedly 800 strong throughout the U.S. Camps designed to house the growing number of disgruntled as food riots take over in the future.

Perhaps they should also look up trend experts such as Gerald Celente (Trends Research Insitute),

Max Keiser (maxkeiser.com), Webster Tarpley (tarpley.net), and others such as Paul Craig Roberts, and Lindsey Williams. The list goes on and on. The experts that are in the “true know” goes on and on and on. Unemployment is reportedly at 9.8%. True unemployment is likely in the 22% range when you include those that have given up, and have dropped off the employment grid for over a year. That represents a truer picture, one not likely to be admitted, but explained well by Williams way back in January 2009.

In short, Williams has made a career out of analyzing U.S. statistics that have fallen by the wayside to bring the bigger, uglier truth.

But that wouldn’t pay the bills at BNN? Or would it? Would it be refreshing to see the real news more often, without the spin of bringing in the pessimists for no better reason that to mock them, or use them to psychologically force the desire for the viewers to want to look the other way (wait for the laugh)? Phew, at least BNN will bring us the truth, eh? Have a look….

And according to another source worth getting schooled by, ZeroHedge.com, here is their analysis of the Williams interview:

Any interview that starts off with John Williams saying “Eventually it is going to be a hyperinflationary great depression” is sure to be controversial. While not necessarily news to those who subscribe to the Shadowstats.com editor’s newsletter, sometime we wish that Blackhawk Ben was among them, because despite his 100% confidence that rates will never do the kind of move that they exhibited in the past two days, they, well, did. To quote Williamss, who actually keeps track of the US economy as if it were a GAAP audited corporation: “The annual deficit is running $4-5 trillion a year, that includes the Y/Y change in the NPV of unfunded liabilities… There is no political will to deal with this.” The catalyst is well-known: “When you see panic selling of the US dollar, that’s when you have to be really careful. But what’s already been done with the dollar has spiked oil prices, and other commodity prices.” On the question of why Bernanke would not be able to pull off what Volcker did in the early 1980s, Williams’ explanation for why this time it is different, mostly focuses on the size of the US trade and budget deficits, which are not even remotely comparable on both an absolute and relative basis. Most specifically what consumers should do in the post-apocalypse world, Williams is not too optimistic. Ironically, he notes that Zimbabwe in its hyperinflation may have been lucky in that it had the dollar to fall back on in the black market, and now every market. However the US does not have that facility, and this “will get very difficult when food starts disappearing from shelves.” Having goods for storage and barter would be critical.

In the words of someone I admired very much, “it’s time to dummy up”!


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