Is this it?: Is this the beginning of soaring silver prices?

It is important to first look at the root of the JP Morgan stance on Naked shorts in the silver market. It is also important to realize the degree of manipulation and fraud that, as claimed, makes Bernie Madoff look like a guy that stole a cookie from the cookie jar. The jar filled to the brim, and the bigger players in the manipulation of markets ready to take the bulk of the profits.

Here is an excellent overview of the JP Silver issue:

JP Morgan would signal traders as to when to short the market, paving way for massive profits off the backsides of the innocent investors. Andrew Maguire, the whistleblower, sent a series of emails to the CFTC (Commodity and Futures Trading Commission). He waited to get confirmation that was slow to come, and ended in a one-liner reply from the CFTC thanking him for his observations.

Maguire and his wife were almost run down by a hit and run driver shortly after.

Luckily, King World News did a follow-up radio show.

And now the news of today.

After much pressure and negative publicity, JP Morgan has been “quietly” reducing its short position, that it claims was not at the direction or urging of the CFTC or other authorities:

And in what can only be considered an unprecedented victory for all those who have over the past year agitated to putting JP Morgan out of business, most recently spearheaded by the likes of Mike Krieger and Max Keiser, by forcing a massive short squeeze on its commodities trading desk, we learn that “the decision by JPMorgan was an attempt to deflect public criticism of the bank’s dealings in silver, a person familiar with the matter said.” The person added that the bank’s position in silver would from now on be “materially smaller” than in the past.”

This could be the start of the upward trend in silver prices, as the historical ratio to gold might yet again be reached. And at 16:1, that would mean that at the very least, silver should be priced in the $80 to $100 per oz. range. But that is not taking account that gold has also been suppressed.

As a reflection of the gold standard, as quantitative easing injects more money into existence, the ratio of fiat U.S. currency to physical gold increases. Eventually that will change. And, as more people lose confidence in the U.S. dollar, there will be an impending stampede in all money that is real.

What is disturbing of the admission of JP Morgan is what it might ultimately represent in the timing of the globalists push to world government. Is the crash imminent? Do we have much time?


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