Sorry Glendale, I’m just not getting it!

Turkey Lurkey looked up at the sky – “The sky is falling, the sky is falling”. But the others just laughed at Turkey Lurkey. “Go away Turk, the sky isn’t falling, everything is just great!”

Well, that is the mixed feelings I get when I think of all things corruption, all things priority, and the sleeping in Arizona. It has been quite a ride of two extremes – those worried about losing their hockey team, and others worried about losing absolutely everything. And, sad and ironic as it seems, there are those in Arizona that have no clue how bad things are, and fear for the Phoenix Coyotes.

And the biggest question has always been why someone would be interested in taking on the albatross of the Phoenix Coyotes. The team has never turned a profit. Goldwater has always been waiting in the wings to extend their arm to slap a little reality to the collective faces of those that think the Coyotes, somehow, will be the miracles on ice that will somehow make everything better. But, those worried on the bigger scale are probably more worried about tax reform, and trying to do what they can to control foreign interests from taking over not only Arizona, but the entire U.S. . And here comes the head-shaking –

“Come on man, it’n not that bad!” The U.S. has never had a problem. We will be okay. Sure we are going through hard times, but it will get better. The new owner thinks he can turn this team into a profit maker. Yeah, he wants to be able to buy the arena if things don’t work out, but that’s not the motivation here, no. He wants to ensure we get hockey. He wants to ensure Glendale doesn’t have to give up the dream, or end up with the sad little team being treated like any other foreclosure in Arizona.

How’s that working for the residents of Glendale that have been turfed on the street?

Yes, Mayor Scruggs would want to fight for the team, just like any property being foreclosed on:

Giving up on the Coyotes would be like letting a home slide into foreclosure, Scruggs said.

“Think of what that would say to the public if we closed the arena,” she said.

Let’s think for a moment. What would it say to the public, what would it say, hmmmm?

For one, remember when the vote against keeping the Coyotes if it meant concessions was unpopular to the tune of 70% of residents wanting to let the team go?

Or how about this one. Arizona is for sale! That’s right! The whole State is broke as explained by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer:

Even though my Administration has already cut $1 Billion in state government spending, we must redouble our efforts to create a leaner, more fiscally responsible Arizona.I have asked all 90 members in the State Legislature to cooperate by submitting a reasonable plan. On behalf of citizens across our state, I expect them to become active participants in the budget process.

This problem did not happen overnight.

· Five years of spending nearly doubled state government.
· The economic recession has reduced state revenues by almost 40 percent in just 3 years.
· Population growth in school children, university students, health care and welfare populations and inmates in our state prisons has fundamentally ruled out simplistic solutions like rolling the state budget back to levels from five, six, or more years ago.
· Federal and voter mandates prevent us from touching nearly two-thirds of the state budget.
· And procrastination, denial, and lack of will have allowed these problems to fester.

So excuse the people who care more about their State than just hockey in Glendale, Mayor really! Methinks there was a little lease contract that has sold out the City, what do you think? In deep, in tight, in trouble. Does that pretty much sum up the desperation?

Or how about this little issue of part of Arizona now owned by Mexico?:

If you live in southern Arizona now is the time to move if you can. Mexican drug runners and executioners armed with automatic weapons now control three counties stretching from the border to Phoenix.

“We are outgunned, we are out manned and we don’t have the resources here locally to fight this,” admitted Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu during on news conference last week in Casa Grande. “We are three counties deep. How is it that you see pictures like these, not American with semi and fully automatic rifles. How is that okay?”


And by the way, do you think the open borders of Mexico would make it easy for a few terrorists to come on over? Just askin’!:

Earth to Napolitano, I think the sheriff has seen something, and is saying something….hello Janet? Janet, are you there? Yeah, I know it’s not happening in a Wal-Mart store, but give it time. At this rate it will be happening everywhere. I think we can see where the problem lies Janet – open borders Janet – close the borders. That is, unless this is the beginning of the North American Union, and each citizen pitted against his fellow (innocent) citizen. And let’s not forget the immunity the drug lords have as they wield their semi-automatic rifles. Right on – we must be watching the Wal-Mart shoppers – so much more important.

Did I hear Turkey Lurkey? Never mind, that’s okay, just keep wondering how losing your hockey team will look! That is so much more important.

And then we have the new soap opera that has been played out over (has it been over a year already??) – “As the Coyotes Turn”.

It may be really easy to promise a long term commitment when things are going south so fast, who knows how long, “long” really will be.

And we haven’t forgotten the words previously told by those in the hedge fund business. A “distressed asset” is often a good buying opportunity.

But, don’t forget, there are those that do this with no alterior motive, and love to give their money away into perpetuity. The turnip truck? The line forms to the left…

Scruggs, who would not say whether the city planned to pledge money to the team, pointed out that Hulsizer told reporters this week that he was prepared to suffer losses on the team for “quite a while.”

Who are the hedge men in this scenario? Anybody? Anybody? Hint: all the boys drooling over the “business reasons” for owning the hockey team, that we must remember was a “business reason”, and one where it was commented that “who wants to go to a game in Phoenix anyways?”. Figure it out yet? There’s profit potential somewhere – but where? Could it be? No! Couldn’t be about more than hockey? No! Nor could it be what David Zirin described to us before – rich guys taking a sweet little taxpayer deal, and sucking what wealth is left. No, couldn’t be that!

You might also want to divert your tunnel vision to what could be the biggest problem, that (and I will use Mr. Bettman’s words here) will make this little hockey diversion “pale in comparison”.

My hunch is there is work and business opportunities in Arizona. The only question is, is it what the residents of Phoenix and Glendale think?

The fire sale has just begun!


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