Let’s see if Bilderberg’s Marty Wolf gives direction that resembles sheep’s clothing

Martin Wolf, an economics writer for the Financial Times has seen his share of Bilderberg meetings. Although not on the list for 2010 Sitges, Spain, he was on the list of delegates for 2009, and years prior. Plenty of time to get direction from the powers that be, and plenty of time to understand his role moving forward to help support the banker bailout, and more.

According to Wolf, suggested to be an expert on globalization, banks have been bailed out by government plenty of times, and it is quite normal.  He stresses his distaste for the industry bonuses that were paid, gaining some credibility with his audience. But it is clear, the mission is to ensure the understanding that bank bailouts by the State (federal government) is a normal, expected occurence. In other words, don’t question it. Another well respected economist giving support of the underlying injustice, and providing yet another layer of support needed by Bilderberg to cushion the popular opinion that the bailouts were not good for the U.S..

Here is Wolf giving his “unbiased opinion” at the National Press Club in 2009:

Now, onto the World Economic Summit in Tianjin, September 2010.

The hour-long show could be looked at in retrospect like an infomercial for how China can infiltrate the U.S. one collapsed State at a time. Note when watching how suspect the entire display was – from the host saying they are going to try something new, to the guest in the audience from the China Development Bank suggesting China should work with each State that is in trouble to help with their unemployment issues. Of course, we had a representative from government from California on the panel to show just how desperate their situation is, and representation from higher education and the like.

What is significant is Martin Wolf’s suggestion that the U.S., although better off financially than some European countries, the level of unemployment in the U.S. is much higher, suggesting poor “jobs programs”.

Wolf’s suggestion is underemployment via job sharing that he claims are lowering the unemployment rates in other affected countries.

What becomes interesting when pondering the picture that is forming may reflect Bilderberg strategy of divide and conquer.

Let’s think about this for a moment…

If Bilderberg will fail in its takeover attempt in the U.S. if the sleeping giant that is the American people wake up to the tyranny, what better way to quell the beast than by a divide and conquer approach. Bring in Chinese investors in U.S. industry, lowering wages via job share and other strategies.  We discussed this before when we looked at Roger Altman’s desire to help China invest in the struggling U.S. economy, and we suggested they would bring their version of fair wages with them.

The draw will be that it is better to be underemployed than unemployed with drying up or non-available social assistance. The populace would therefore not want to bite the hand that at least is feeding them something, and a silent hostile takeover of the U.S. can be done, State by State, crisis by crisis, Chinese investor by investor.

Bilderberg will have won by drawing down income levels to effectively control the population of the United States. In contrast, if there is a mass revolution, Bilderberg and its leaders could effectively be removed, and their power stripped. An angry America would not serve Bilderberg well, and the issue of plenty of individual States presents a formidable obstacle for Bilderberg.

When you watch this clip of the conference, pretend you are watching a well orchestrated presentation disguised as an open floor for exchange of ideas. You too might be able to pick up the Bilderberg strategy to deal with the disgruntled in America. And Martin Wolf would seem to be leading the pack:


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