Daryl Jones gets serious on the global economic outlook

All I can say is congratulations to guys like Daryl Jones (yes of Ice Edge fame) for telling it like it is today on the BNN (Business News Network). He was on SqueezePlay at 5 PM.

Jones’s expectations are for higher commodity prices if QE3 comes into play, but today’s issues include inflation in the BRIC countries, and inflation in general.

And we know with QE of any variety, the real issue is the threat of hyperinflation. Jones made it clear (video to be inserted when available) that the stock market has been given a big plug, but his firm, Hedgeye, is advising investors to be weary.

Jones shorts the dollar:



Where we were all over the map with questioning Ice Edge for wanting to take on the Coyotes, credit must be given to Jones and his firm for telling it like it is. And for that I say, thanks Daryl!

And his partner at Hedgeye, Keith McCullough tells us that “markets don’t lie, people do”. Bernanke will be fired once the European crisis comes to America….welcome to the collapse associated with “burning the currency”.

I wonder if these guys know about the bigger conspiracy leading to the New World Order, and Bernanke is just taking orders.

The collapse of America? That is by design, my friends.


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