The greatest collapse won’t have taken place on the ice in Buffalo

Okay, I want Canada, the U.S. and the free world to get a serious grip right now.

Yes, we were stunned by the Russian sudden comeback in the third period of the Junior Gold Medal game, and the collapse was the greatest ever seen in junior hockey.

Okay, this is hockey, and Canada’s game.

But I want to draw attention to what should be the channeling of our frustration.

Canada might feel ripped off right now that our hockey liberties have been stripped, that’s true. Maddening isn’t it? Sudden, wasn’t it? Hard to believe, eh?

For the last long while, this site has switched from the injustice of losing a seventh and eighth NHL team, that enraged at least those of us in the Hamilton area. As for the rest of Canada, I’m not so sure.

But what is important is the reason we will not likely see NHL hockey anytime soon. The reason is foreign investment in the new world of sports, that mirrors the foreign control of our countries in the New World Economic Order, also simply known as the New World Order.

We can channel our frustration and the sudden devastation to realize there could be another devastating collapse of greater significance – and that will be the collapse of the economies of the United States and Canada, as is happening in Europe right now.

We have been taken for a financial ride from the time most of our pensions and investments took a 40 to 50% hit not long ago, as it was tied into the derivative scam instigated by the corrupt elite, who control the banking cartel.

Oh, they are sharp. They are well-organized. And they are capable of pulling the plug on the economy which, when it comes, it will leave us with our mouthes hanging open.

The hockey loss we will get over much easier, as hard as it may seem.

If you want a new cause to waive the Canadian flag, take this year to get informed of the injustice that is being imposed on us all.

And ask Mr. Harper our Prime Minister why  exactly it is we need to give up our sovereignty.

2009: The continued suggestion that sovereignty is for sale

2010: Let’s make this a little clearer now, shall we?

Inter-financial affairs are one thing that should NOT include loss of sovereignty.

What does a global trading reality have to do with interlinked banking systems that, by association, is linked to  sovereignty? This sounds very shady indeed! But, no shadier than the way they signed a secret agreement for the prosperity arrangement that is leading to the North American Union.

While Janet Napolitano has video feeds at Wal Mart stores urging to “see something, say something”, we have open Mexican borders that have led to abductions and murders, and has sheriffs begging for help to seal the borders. This is a huge conflict in the so called homeland security issues, and further supports the reality that it is the citizens in the U.S. and Canada that are losing rights and freedoms, and are the big targets of the government and its military.

Our identity as a nation, and our rights and freedoms have nothing to do with the global economy. But the sad reality as evidenced by the prorogue of Parliament and the G20 marshall law (police) state paints a much different story – a story that fits a loss of freedoms.

Make no mistake, this is the greatest injustice that Canada will ever see.


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