Aluminum in the skies: How’s your heart, and how’s your mind?

Have you a story to tell of someone or many people dropping from heart disease lately? How about Alzheimer’s? Know of one or many people with that condition?

If there has been an increase it may be attributed to what in the world they are spraying in the skies – called geoengineering. They say, it is to reduce the effects of global warming, by bouncing the harmful rays of the sun away from the earth to cool it.

The powers that be say it is in their back pocket if needed, and they refute the evidence that it is already taking place. There is much evidence to show that it is already underway. Who approved this?

Chemtrails at Sarnia, Ontario

Critics say, it is bringing to earth deadly aluminum dust, mixed with stronium and barium. As an example cited in the below movie, “What in the world are they spraying?”, in Arizona, the maximum allowable limit of aluminum in the air is 2 ppm, and they have found it now to be 39,000 ppm.

Critics also say, that there may be increased health risk to anyone coming in contact with this (everyone), and the spraying seems to be global.

Health risks abound. They say that the effect is cumulative, leading to buildup of plaque in the arteries, and metals in the brain – both suggesting an increase in heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and other brain-related disorders. Aluminum oxide is a major neurological toxin, that is linked to cancer and other disorders, according to the film.

There may be a motive by those in power to have effected this program, without the knowledge or approval of the citizens of the world. It could be an issue of controlling the food supply, or worse.

What if there is an agenda and they are knowingly causing health issues globally?

A certain powerful seed manufacturer may have the only genetically modified seed that will tolerate aluminum in the soil.


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