Canadian Water War Crimes and the Worldwide Water Conspiracy

The recent issue when the Victoria River turned bright green brings us to another issue with the water supplies of North America.

There is a Canadian website called the that paints a picture of corruption branching over six Prime Ministers, and has provided speculation that the very unusual deaths of 18 people including nine judges and officials, some suspects, others witnesses – – all who would have been important to the investigation. The “grave yard of the guilty” the site explains, lists those that have died in ways that are more than mere coincidence.

In the show, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura, the episode below paints the picture of politicians in bed with wealthy corporations. Whoever has the most water will be in the drivers seat, Ventura says, where water  is even more valuable than oil.

Access to drinking water, the show explains, might be a reason for war.

Note the points from the show:

  • the Bush family has bought 100,000 acres in Paraguay that sits on the largest aquifer in the world
  • T. Boone Pickens bought a huge parcel of land in Texas sitting on an aquifer (North Texas Panhandle)
  • Pickens is taking advantage of Texas law that says if you can get to the water on your land, then it’s yours.
  • Pickens then used political influence to supply regions with water – of course they would have to come to him and pay for it!
  • there is suggestion that lithium will be added to water supply to “calm down” the public
  • there is no regulation on bottled water, and it is possible they could put lithium in bottled water
  • The Great Lakes are being depleted of water by a large bottled water manufacturer, and large quantities are being shipped to China

A recent article in Today’s Hamilton Spectator (Jan 11/11)  by Gwynne Dyer spoke of the ravages of climate change on food supplies. Although I do not agree on climate change as a factor related to this issue due to the findings of “ClimateGate”, there is another article that he wrote that adds an interesting note on George W. Bush’s presidency, and the “unpopularity of addressing climate change issues”:

Some of the expected consequences of runaway climate change in the decades ahead are dwindling resources, massive population shifts, natural disasters, spreading epidemics, drought, rising sea levels, plummeting agricultural yields, devastated economies, and political extremism. Any one of these could tip the world towards conflict. Mr. Dyer points out that the military forces of both the United States and Britain have taken this threat seriously for years, although under George W. Bush’s presidency,  it was dangerous to one’s career to be seen treating climate change as a real and serious phenomenon.

There is little doubt Gwynne Dyer is a pro-climate change advocate, and we are all entitled to how we view the issues of the world, but he does continue in this article to suggest that there will be a major issue with water supplies:

You already have great tension over water [in the Middle East]. These are cultures often built around a single source of water. So any stresses on the rivers and aquifers can be a source of conflict.

The point I am making here is that aquifers are key. What are the odds the Bush family buying up land, that just happens to be in South America over the largest acquifer was just a coincidence? There was lots of land in Texas that a true American Patriot could retire on, so why Paraguay? Oh, could it be that T. Boone Pickens already had that territory?

Folks, these are the cold water facts. It’s up to you to decide if the worldwide water issue is not being controlled and exploited by select individuals in a strategy.

I am sure we will return to this again soon.


5 responses to “Canadian Water War Crimes and the Worldwide Water Conspiracy

  1. the world deserves every single thing thats going to happen
    men refuse to know that JESUS IS GOD
    men dont want a king and have thought they could be their own kings
    for almost six thousand years
    and people better wake up because Babylon AMERIKA
    the skull and bones secret society run scum country is broke
    and the rest of the world is BROKE
    hyperinflation will come to NORTH AMERICA
    and then all hell will break loose when your lazy good for nothing video booze and sex addicted boys and young men
    actually find out they were put here on earth TO GIVE A SHIT ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE to help OTHER PEOPLE
    Mmmmmmmmmm i wonder how many teenagers are playing video games in austrailia right now? oh no I am sorry I forgot
    they all just got NEW swimming pools in their basements

    • FOR TEN YEARS I have told people this was all coming and they all said I was NUTS
      buy silver buy gold BUY AS MUCH AS YOU CAN

    • Robert – are you not taking your lithium again?

  2. The Grand Plan to Loot Canada’s Water Export Wealth – The Traitors Within is fully explained at the Water War Crimes Web Site page entitled The Big Picture – The Grand Plan to Steal Canada’s Water Resource Wealth – The Traitors Within—grand-plan-to-steal-canadas-water-resource-wealth—the-traitors-within.html

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