Hulsizer has just reinvented CityNorth’s $100 million parking ripoff!

Everyone wanted a piece of the parking pie!

First it was Jerry Moyes.  Then, Jerry Reinsdorf, Steve  Ellman, and  let’s not forget Ice Edge. And now, it’s Matthew Hulsizer’s turn. Anyone lulled to sleep yet?

Hey, wait a minute!

We have seen this whole parking subsidy thing before. Lot’s of times. So why should it be different now?

Yeah, that’s right – when the Goldwater Group were challenging the Arizona Gift Laws at Phoenix’s CityNorth over the parking spots worth about $500,000 each, we had the first glimpse of hope in Canada that might suggest Glendale would have a problem with granting the concessions Jerry Reinsdorf expected.

And, let’s not forget it was Jerry Moyes who was not able to negotiate concessions when he owned the Coyotes, but that’s right, he wasn’t the chosen “Jerry” – the one who would be that white knight, riding on the knowledge of sports team management. He also wasn’t that “Jerry” who had a son working on several sports projects with the City of Glendale. No, this Jerry was not on the inside of the club, so to speak, whether it was the NHL, or the favor of the City that supported his hockey team.

It wasn’t until a few moments ago that it hit me that a pig is a pig, even if you dress the pig in a different outfit. At the end of the day it’s still a pig.

The Toronto Sun reminded me that the parking concessions were just a glorified excuse to give Hulsizer subsidies:

Yes, the whole thing sounds like a thinly veiled handout, which is why Goldwater smells a violation of Arizona law’s “gift” clause, and is threatening to go to court to block the deal.

Now, we must remember something else (like we could forget!). The City of Glendale was pig-headed in their stubborn stance, and would not budge for any offer the Balsillie legal team could come up with – $50 million? No thanks.

Sitren: Not one to put up with abuse of the taxpayer

No, Glendale needed the hockey team come hell or high water. Too bad they didn’t count on the other stubborn entity in Arizona – the Goldwater Group, founded on the merits of conservatism and common sense, and it’s founder Barry Goldwater. He’d no doubt be proud of the current legal team led by attorney Carrie Ann Sitren.

It was Sitren in CityNorth that stands out as the attorney in the news. Slowly, methodically, waiting in the wings to monitor governments gone awry from corruption that breeds when corporate America takes root in government, and like a leech, feeds off the host until there is no longer anything to suck out. And she was on the case early to put Glendale on notice she needed their full cooperation too. I’d like to know why some emails were withheld for reasons of “best interest”. Who’s best interest?

And why would Goldwater want to do a thorough job to ensure fairness and ensure the City is acting in the taxpayers best interest?

Because the last thing anyone needs to hear more of is stuff like this:

“Dude, your getting a …. sweet parking lot deal!”

“And, Abu Dhabi, your getting a sweet deal too!” All from those easy to leech taxpayers, muhahahaha”.

Who knows how corruption takes hold ? It festers and boils and seeps into positions of power and influence – so watchdog groups are a necessary counter-evil.

We need only look to the G.M. dealer fiasco where if you were a dealer with a democratic friend in congress you might have miraculously had your dealership spared, while others not so lucky were not even able to get a payout for a service list. I think Michele Bachman called that (well, she borrowed the phrase) a Gangster Government .

I think we can safely say it is when corporate America corrupts (or buys) the politicians, and anything remotely fair become far from reality. The other telltale sign is a push to monopolization – where certain key players are given favor for no better reason than piling more spoils onto the heap.

Now, here’s the kicker.

The City of Glendale says that it will “hurt” the taxpayer if the Goldwater Group does their due diligence. Excuse me – hurt the taxpayer? Surely they jest?

Would it be the same taxpayers that said they were not interested in bailing out the Coyotes if it meant tax concessions? Those taxpayers?

How about this?

How about it would hurt the corrupt sellouts in government who used their offices to make promises with someone else’s money for personal gain? Would that be closer to the truth? I suppose we could argue the corrupt politicians are also taxpayers – but certainly not the majority. And the majority have no vested interest in ensuring the “deal” remains in place.

So, the Goldwater Group might just have an opportunity to come out of their patient position and flex their muscles again – preserving liberty in America.

And with liberty being the question, little victories mean a lot. Not to suggest this would be a small victory. For in a world where black is becoming white, and crime pays, it is important to stand for liberties and the little guy.

I understand the phrase – “He who laughs last, laughs the loudest” now more than ever.

With gas prices expected to continue to rise, and Obama wanting to create public transit a la LRT service, there may not be too many cars in the future needing to park anyhow.

That just might be poetic justice that will bring some justice to the “Jerry” who never got a fair shake. He may have full right to laugh the loudest, but I don’t think he will find it one bit funny.

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