The battle over the Coyotes reflects all that is wrong with the World

In the new global economy, sovereignty is gone, protection is a twisted concept, and Protectionism is taboo

Wimpy: "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"

Yes, this is a story of the Phoenix Coyotes hockey team.

The team whose name it was suggested should be changed to the Glendale Coyotes if it were to be sold, to give it a truer name. After all, it was no longer located in Phoenix – it was for the last several years in Glendale.

Canadians are looking upon the disaster in the U.S. economy with similar “distance”. Yeah, it’s really too bad the Americans are having a hard time. Good thing we live in Canada.

And, did you happen to catch President Obama’s State of the Union address last night? I haven’t yet, but I read a short recap. He has “challenged” business to step it up in “some way”. At this point it’s all just watching his lips move, and hearing sound come out, because it’s all hooey isn’t it?

I get around on my job. I can’t believe what I am hearing lately. We in Canada get it more than I thought. We could be waking up too.

Perhaps we are not like Glendale saying how great they are for hockey compared to Phoenix. Glendale must be safer, being so much further removed from the Mexican drug wars. Or is it, I don’t know.

Kind of silly if you ask me. Silly because nobody is going to escape what is happening globally, not just locally.

Europeans are feeling the heat. They are rioting. Politicians in charge keep flapping their lips the world over, and sound comes out of their mouths. But their talk does not match the reality of what we see, backed up by the gut feeling we have that something is really not right.

Hockey isn’t right unfortunately for the people of Phoenix, er excuse me, Glendale. Unfortunate but true.

The entire region is a reflection of what is inevitable unless we as North Americans, and global citizens step to the plate and stand for the rights and safety of our neighbors – whether they are in the next City, the next Province/State, or the next country, continent, or timezone.

It’s thinking that we somehow will not be affected and we are more deserving because we are better prepared to take care of the spoils than our “unfortunate” neighbour.

Winnipeg may be in a better position to take on the Coyotes, or Thrashers, or whichever team for now, as the country known as the U.S. enters the result of what the corrupt in government have directed as puppets. Behind the scenes pulling the strings of the talking head politicians are the  the elite looking to destroy the people, their rights, their freedoms, and their borders.

While the elite have cleared out to South America, China, and other remote places, they didn’t bother to tell anyone they also left the system of lies for the rest of us. While they invest in hard assets like gold and silver (and buy land over water aquifers), they direct the media they control to tell us the stock markets are fine, and don’t pay attention to the rumors that hyperinflation is a heartbeat away. No, they want to ensure more of us are left high and dry when the sudden collapse of the empire takes place. Isn’t that right, Mr. Ferguson?

I think I can here Wimpy, only instead of hamburgers, let’s look at the futures contracts accumulating for March in the silver markets. Put off to tomorrow instead of facing the music today. Even the Gold futures suggest at least a 20 to 25% gain to December. We all know with the QE2, and beyond, that doesn’t even factor in the panic buying that will inevitably take place.

How long will the words of Stephen Harper be insignificant words, where his lips flapped, and sound came out, until we realize we should have questioned those words, sentences, and phrases?

How long will it be before we realize that they are slipping an agenda by us as we continue to sleep?  Like a post- hypnotic suggestion our psyche is yelling – “Hello, danger, danger”. Yeah, something doesn’t feel right, because something just isn’t right. It’s not about butterflies for crying out loud!

Obama’s lips will continue to move, and sound will come out – – all the while supporting Mexican trade and co-operation, even though the war further invades American soil.

Obama will continue to bow to world leaders such as China, as they come and play piano concertos that include how great their victory over America is.

While they tell us that it is a global economy, they tell us to not even trust our neighbours because they could be terrorists. While global should mean free movement, they are installing full naked body scanners at airports, suggesting that mere travel is hazardous.

They are isolating us more, while telling us to branch out to the world.

How will they pull off selling us this conflict in ideas, and get us to agree to whatever it is they are trying to accomplish?

Well, doesn’t hockey bring the answer again.

If you have any experience with kids hockey you might have experience with the ever-challenging “rep tryout” process. The kids and the parents act very accommodating to the powers that decide if the kid makes the team or not, don’t they?

I don’t think I will ever forget the suggestion from a coach that said it plainly. As long as you don’t cut my kid, sorry about the luck of the others.

The suggestion is that parents, kids, and people in general will sacrifice standing up for the rights of others if it means they get spared themselves. Sad yes. True – unfortunately yes.

The powers in the world have known this for years. Hitler was a master at ensuring this process started with a few targets, and eventually it didn’t matter who was put “on the train”. It was all just a process to see who would buy the propaganda, and how easily manipulated the people would be. And, we know they were.

Glendale needs to understand that their town is not immune to the turmoil in Arizona that is affecting Phoenix. Winnipeg needs to understand that the spoils of NHL hockey is because a global neighbour has suffered greatly, and the spoils will be short lived if we are willing to turn our backs on the injustice.

Eventually this infection will affect us all. It already has.

It’s time to challenge the politicians whose lips move, and sounds come out for what this really is. It’s time to wonder why there are telescreens in Wal-Marts suggesting Americans should spy on their American neighbours while Obama ignores the threat of drug wars blatantly crossing Mexico into Arizona. It doesn’t add up.

If we opened our eyes to reality, the pictures might have underlying words that paint a story far removed from what they are telling us.


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