The Mainstream media says they didn’t see “Egypt” coming

The “wake up call” evidenced by the events in Egypt may be more for the globalists thinking we are going to be a pushover.

The issues in Egypt could play themselves out in America!

The mainstream American press has recently and repeatedly claimed the protests in Egypt were unexpected – they “didn’t see it coming”.

Well, that would be understandable based on the underlying view the media has been led to believe, and what they feed to the people they serve.

For those of us awake to the globalist takeover plans, the banners in Egypt, supported abroad by calls for “Freedom” and “rights”, not to mention “corruption” are not surprising. The pot of the world’s people has been simmering long enough – it was bound to boil over sooner or later.

You could blame the regime of Hosni Mubarak that spanned 30 years as being long enough – a man that reportedly has lost touch with the people he serves. With the median age in Egypt at a young 24, the age gap is significant. Most were not born when Mubarak took office.

Some interesting developments occurred during the uprising.

The police were quickly beaten back by the people, and with the younger ranks of the army being “of the people” with family members comprising the junior officers, the army was looked at as the people’s friend. The higher ranking officers are not on the street, and God only knows when push comes to shove, will the army stand with their brothers, sister, mothers, and fathers, or will they listen to orders already given to shoot the protesters?

Northcom, are you taking notes?

Americans have been brought into the politics, with calls to “go home”, stay away, and interestingly, to keep their “hypocrisy” away from them.

Social media was a tool for freedom, and Obama requested the Egyptian leader to restore internet freedom to the people. At the same time Obama is looking to censor the internet at home to stop those awakening from spreading the word to their friends worldwide. Hypocrisy at it’s finest!

Cass Sunstein, are you getting it?

And they wonder why there are calls to not bring American hypocrisy to the table in Egypt? America was in the throws of a dictatorial takeover as the Egyptians decided is was time to end theirs.

American hypocrisy is obvious and well “called out”!

As Obama came on television, as did other politicians from Washington, they called for the best means to move toward elections and democracy again. Well, that would be great if America had a true democracy themselves. We know better. The world is beginning to know better too. And that is why this sudden call to the streets may surprise the globalist controlled media, but not be too surprising to those realizing this is not as much a battle to remove a 30 year dictator as it is a wake up call to the globalists to advise them the people are awakening to their agenda worldwide.

It’s interesting to watch CNN and FOX as some guests show their pride of their fellow countryman, calling out police for the false flags they are pulling off. And, as the CNN reporters scramble to cover up allegations of it being the police, it’s humorous to watch as real news unfolds, that cannot be carefully  screened. Tidbits of true patriot cries for freedom seep through, past the  propaganda-driven U.S. news agencies. What is happening is significant in that it is showing the level of awareness that exists.

Even the “Patriot” channel on Sirius and XM doesn’t quite get it. Talk is of those poor people in Egypt that were under a dictatorship, and never knew liberty as did the Americans. Did they forget the push to communism and control underway in the States that they were discussing, oh I don’t know, just before the Egypt issue came up? What would they think if they found out the real truth? What if they learned that the Presidents are just puppets of the elite banking cartels? Would we have an American Egypt on our hands?

It may be a warning to the globalists that police had better put their tales between their legs, take off their uniforms and join those wanting to become free, not remain free. None of us even in so-called “democracies” have been truly free. It has been a game of making us believe we had some control when we really had none.

It may be a rude awakening for the globalists as they watch with the same confusion and bewilderment that the plans to use the world’s military against it’s own people may not work, and that issue is quickly coming to a head. Will the army side with humanity, or the dictators put in place strategically by the globalist forces?

It’s time to answer the questions that your family has now. Have you got it yet? Have they asked why they want to get rid of Mubarak?

It may be the perfect opening to take what is reported in the mainstream media, and explain to those on the brink of a breakthrough that what you see in Egypt could be coming to a town near you.

We do not have to look far in our past Canada to understand the abuse of police power is a reality. We can simply recall the G20 in Toronto.

We can look at the police in Cairo suspected of looting as a ploy to get the citizens concerned. We saw the same at the Canadian G20.

And, to have the citizens form vigilante groups with the assistance of the army to control the police looting for “the show” – we recall the  similarity of shop windows in Toronto being smashed and police cars set on fire to know that game is played on a global scale. Where were the police when those things were happening Canada? That’s right, conveniently missing.

Hypocrisy is the issue. Freedom is the issue. Globalist controlled faux democracy is the issue. And, it is high time to allow nations and their people decide their own futures, and come up with their own solutions.

Finally, this clip of support in Toronto says it all.

Canada is waking up. The signals are there. The warning is there too.


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