Sorry Congress, was that science settled on Global Warming or Climate Change?

Here is an excerpt from the full Congressional Hearing of February 2009, when it was still fashionable to talk about “Global Warming”.

Despite the chill in the air today, global temperatures remain

high. Two thousand eight was tied for the eighth warmest year on

record. The evidence of shrinking ice caps and increasingly violent

storms reminds us of the danger and challenges we face due to climate

change. The debate is no longer about whether humans are

causing global warming but what we are prepared to do about it.

Now that the United States has a President committed to action,

Congress is poised to help resolve it. Last Congress made progress

with the passage of the 2007 energy bill, which by raising fuel

economy and appliance efficiency standards will reduce global

warming pollution in the future.

Oh really Congress? Would you care to update the settled science to include all weather events that you can now say is the result of Climate Change?

How about earthquakes, snowstorms, record low temperatures? Climate change?

Volcanoes ready to errupt, tsunamis, hurricanes? Let me guess — Climate change?

No matter what happens in the extreme – – climate change?

The only science that is settled is the rule that if you can tax the people to reduce wealth you will. There is a “law” that is observable and consistent, even if the climate changes, wouldn’t you say?


2 responses to “Sorry Congress, was that science settled on Global Warming or Climate Change?

  1. I think the ACC theory is not a theory anymore; Predictions of the effects of AGW cover just about every situation imaginable now. Everything is covered, from volcanic eruptions to teenage acne are now claimed to be caused by climate change. When it rains too much it is climate change, when it is too dry climate change, too warm climate change, too cold climate change, too windy, too calm, too dusty, too clear, even the recent worldwide infection of honey bees with a deadly fungus, everything is due to climate change. As a result every real climate related event has been predicted and all predictions are therefore found to be correct. So now the theory of ACC is infallible. When a theory becomes infallible it ceases being a theory, it becomes something else. A faith?

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