Bill Gates is a computer scientist, right?: Bilderbergers have a strange habit of becoming experts in fields other than their own

I remember the operating system called DOS. I actually  used the manual to figure out enough of the background to get a general feel for how it works. But, no matter how much background I had, I was not a computer scientist. There was absolutely no way I was qualified to develop more than a general understanding of how it worked, and I would leave the intricacies of how it is developed, and how it interacts with the computer up to the real experts that have devoted their lives and their time in study.

And, I recall the lecture I got from my wife that although I am good at the specific job I do, I should not profess to my clients beyond the scope of my expertise. It was a hard lesson to swallow – – but I thank my wife in retrospect for pointing out my shortfalls.

There is a strange pattern taking hold in the world of the Bilderbergers – – they tend to become instant experts in areas outside of their own background.

Take Al Gore. What was his claim to fame? That’s right, if you said a politician you would be right. He almost became President, and he claims the only reason he didn’t is because of a few hanging “chads” in Florida. I hope he isn’t inferring corruption in high places, even though George W. said famously on his plane that he would win Florida, don’t you worry about that!

But if you said Al Gore’s claim to fame was his vast knowledge and understanding of global warming would you be right? What makes Al Gore so sure that the globe is warming? What made him of all people the one to stand up in a movie devoted to giving us the “Inconvenient truth”? He is a politician/businessman/AGW expert? Something is not right.

For one, Gore will not debate Lord Christopher Monckton on the subject. The reason might have something to do with Monckton’s claim that Gore has “35 inconvenient truths” (errors) in his argument.

It is one thing to be handed a script for a movie and appear an expert when reading the script, it would be a whole other thing to show just how little one might know when faced with those shattering questions that when faced with, the brain readily says, oops, I am in trouble now! Come on — we have all had those moments now, haven’t we?

Shut off the A/C and hunker down, I am sure Al would tell us. We must all do our part to continue the charade cause to keep our footprint within reason, despite the fact that

Gore’s 2006 utility bills for his Nashville home topped $30,000.

So, bottom line on Gore – – no debate on AGW and complete hypocrisy. Next!

Now we come to another Bilderberger ready to toe the party line. We have Mr. Bill Gates, the computer scientist turned vaccine expert, and dare we also say, he has some fancy computer-science-like formula to show the world that the only way to reduce carbon is to reduce the population?:

Let’s switch gears from the computer guy who is an expert in global warming now, to the guy who is great at computers, but is really good too at medicine, and specifically vaccines. He has attacked Dr. Andrew Wakefield on vaccines and autism (the reason for this column today). On CNN this Sunday morning, nothing like a little shot against true credibility to get the creative juices flowing. Please see this video on the CNN article. Gates would seem a happy fellow if they could just film that frown upside down. His words say trust me, his smile says, don’t!

And yes, you heard right if you were paying attention. Not only did he take occasion to slam Dr. Wakefield as a fraud, he mentioned it again – – that if they did a good job on vaccines, they could reduce population growth.Incidentally,  did anyone from Club Bilderberg  fill in Gates that Wakefield’s work was vindicated?

And of course, now would be an excellent time to point out that Gates does not mention the true reason populations decrease in a positive way. He is not suggesting that the nations he has targeted for population reduction need to have access to better education, food, higher paying jobs. In short, he is not talking about developing those nations which would inherently decrease birth rates, he is specifically tying in vaccinations with reduced populations.

And there is evidence to support that the Bilderberg line is to use vaccinations to sterilize the population. And that would be the direct correlation between vaccinations and reduced population, supported by his other cause of reducing the human variable in his fancy equation to reduce carbon. What a wonderful, caring human being, wouldn’t you agree?

Wait, now that I think of it, wasn’t it Gates who has technology to modify the weather too, and be in the cloud manufacturing business? The words of that famous comedian comes to mind. Nucking Futts!

We could continue with other Bilderberger experts in fields outside their own. Remember Niall Ferguson, historian, Bilderberger, and now expert in all things U.S. economy. Yeah, he was famous for his CFR paper that had the U.S. economy collapsing quickly. That paper “quickly” out not long after or before a Bilderberg meeting. Sorry, losing track of when these things come out to market.

Or, Robert Rubin. How could we forget the mentor of Peter Orszag? Such a great mentor, I am sure Orszag must have said if this is what they want me to be like, I’m outta here. And, as we all know, he is. But I do understand he got the parting gift – – a lifetime membership in the CFR (whoopie!).

In all fairness to Rubin, he did stick to what he is good at in his own field of corruption and looting. Gotta hand it to him, he didn’t profess for a minute to be too honest.

Ah, the fun, the fun of watching the Bilderberg boys and girls support the bigger cause of world population raping, pillaging, collapsing, and looting.

It makes me all warm and fuzzy.

Maybe I could divert from my real job, and become a columnist. Nah, I’m sure my wife would quickly correct me, and save the world from my nonsense.


One response to “Bill Gates is a computer scientist, right?: Bilderbergers have a strange habit of becoming experts in fields other than their own

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