Rumsfeld on War: They were wrong on Iraq

Do ya think, Don?

Donald Rumsfeld wrote a book. They all do, don’t they?

He said they were wrong on the intelligence that drove them into Iraq to find the weapons of mass destruction. According to CNN that cost 4500 troops their lives. And, wasn’t it 100,000 plus innocent Iraqi citizens that died?

I remember the “intel”, as we reported that it was applied rather thick. Rumsfeld seemed too confident then, to be so willy nilly, and wishy-washy now on the subject.

Let’s bring you back, to the elaborate caves that Rumsfeld said were  in Afghanistan where Bin Laden was hiding. Did they find these? No, they were a fictoid. But Rumsfeld jumped right in to justify not one, but many. Able to avoid radar; big enough to run tanks through; with electricity, ventilation systems, computers, etc. Where was this intel obtained that sounded so convincing?

Let’s not forget the  need for bunker busting bombs, according to George Bush Jr.

Sure, really George?

On 9/11, wasn’t your dad dining with some of the Bin Laden family for breakfast, or lunch? I can imagine the dinner conversation – “Oh sorry, just to go off topic, we are looking for your son, do you mind telling us where the most wanted is right now – we need to pick him up”. Right.

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Maybe Anwar Al -Awlaki now occupies these mystery caves. Sure fits the M.O. doesn’t he? Got the Pentagon dinner one night, on the most wanted list soon after. Hint to those in the Middle East: Don’t take dinner invitations – you are really paying for it.

I can imagine that dinner conversation: “Anwar, we are looking for a new patsy. So, here is what we’ll do. You’re it! Okay? That’s as good as it gets. We will make it worth your while – we will never catch you. Set you up in new digs, the whole nine yards, what do you say Anwar?”

“The American public? Don’t worry, they buy everything the controlled media tells ’em, not an issue. If we say the sky is green, they believe it. If we say the cold as heck weather is global warming, for crying out loud, they believe it. If we can pull of that scam, don’t you think we can pull this off too?”

“We got Donny Rumsfeld, guilty as sin writing a book. Because once the book is published, Don feels better, the people feel better, and if it is in a book, gotta be true! Know what  I mean? Heck, we can even show the stupidity of the thing in shows like the Family Guy. People just laugh. But, they still believe it, the chumps!”

The hard-hitting Diane Sawyer (lovely lady) hit Rumsfeld with the tough question. The cat that swallowed the canary look on Rumsfeld’s face tells us everything I think we need to know.

Can we take the “wisdom” of Rumsfeld at least in one way. He said the things we know today are different. Applying that, was 9/11 not what we were told too? We have the evidence today to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt that “doubt” exists.

What drove the military into Iraq, at the root was a lie. It’s time to get to the bottom of it.


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