Climate Change has been long-coming: The goal remains UNCED

Like a slasher movie, it’s like watching people run from the evil only to eventually slip up, fall down, and get caught

Freddie Krueger couldn’t plan a better plot. Jason from Friday the 13th couldn’t write a better script. If you are into twists, turns, slip-ups and horror, the current drive to world power and control has the best of them, for the most part missing the boat on the big picture.

I don’t mean to be critical to those I have learned a lot from. I admire some people for bringing truth, but at the same time showing their own mortality – – the fact that they are mere humans, and capable of being conned by a labyrinth of evil that plagues the workings of this world.

Watching the Keiser Report, episode 121 this week brought me back to reality. Max’s guest, Barry Ritholtz explained that those “climate change deniers” are for lack of a better term, spawned by the very lobbyists that promoted smoking. Nicotine/tar deniers from the ’50’s I guess can be lumped in with the climate deniers of 2011. According to Ritholtz and the gentleman he claims to be extremely smart who wrote the article in question, it’s the big oil companies that are denying climate change, because they stand to lose if cap and trade goes through. Hmm….

And our heads are supposed to nod in agreement and awareness…not so fast!

Isn’t it the Royal Family and the Queen with  a large stake in BP, whose “green” agenda is a welcome tribute to admission of their own guilt? How about Standard Oil baron (Esso) Rockefeller? Aren’t the royals and the Rockefellers, not to mention the Rothchild’s represented at the secret cabal meetings of the global elites, and the Bilderberg heads? Of course that’s rhetorical – of course they are. Oil may have helped bring the wealth, but it is by no means the cause of keeping it — especially if you can find “alternative means” of wealth creation and redistribution.

Ironic it is that Max Keiser is an expert on finance and Wall Street scandal, but is absent on comprehending the notion that Climate change legislation known as carbon taxation is a means to control the population, grab land, stop farming, and as Bill Gates would say, get that nasty carbon to zero. “Zero”, egad, that would mean, yes, we would have no plant life as they need carbon dioxide to create oxygen, and well let the earth survive. Getting it to zero for a man who is brilliant at computer science proves that is where his expertise should stay.

Peak Oil is the argument held that we are running out of means to bring that nasty carbon producing oil to the surface without expending more energy to get it than the energy acquired would give. We’ve seen that argument.

If it can be shown that the global cartels are using financial disasters, self-imposed to strip wealth from the average human from the financial derivatives markets the world over, would it be a stretch to put it past them to use de-industrialization to further destroy economies? After all, it cannot simply be a means to transfer wealth to the big boys and then stop, can it?

Don’t nod off, Max, Freddie is laughing and waiting….

What if what’s left is the extremely rich, and a whole bunch of starving poor people? That would not last long. Look at Egypt, and the people who won’t take $2 a day in wages as the solution. There has to be an end game for these elite that makes more sense. The question that has been explored for years is that there is a drive to cleansing the earth of the “bloated bellies”, the “cannon fodder” that have taken up valuable space and have used valuable resources.

It would make the likes of Bill Gates drive to put vaccines in mosquitos more understandable if the world refuses to take those “population reducing” vaccines voluntarily. It would explain the biohazard of Plum Island – – a crisis waiting to happen. It would explain why paying money to Al Gore is supposed to somehow affect the well-being of the planet. Go figure, give me money and get salvation of a “green” sort. The theme is the same, only the means has changed.

We must excuse most folks for not piecing together the bigger picture that takes all the madness into account. The financial fraud some are experts in really does tie into the “food safety bills” worldwide, where vitamins and gardening, or small farms are becoming taboo. It’s all about a bigger picture of control.

So, think of the errors we make as the likes of that Monty Python movie, where the man could not remember if it was a ‘African Swallow’ or a ‘North American Swallow’……. ahhhhhhhhh! Away he went! Tripped up, dag nabbit.

Evil fools people – even those good people with good intentions.

Which brings us to an eery prophesy that dates back to the ’70’s. Long before Al Gore was telling us the inconvenient truth. A time when Maury Strong stood up in a group and told those listening that the wealthy countries are not likely to go voluntarily into bondage – they must be destroyed. Where the goal was to take control of the world and it’s resources. To bring the earth into control of the elite, and to do away with most of earth’s “bloated bellies”, that were considered “cannon fodder”. I suppose that would be ultimately who we are – victims of the most evil of wars.

George Washington Hunt needs to have his day, yet again, to bring it full circle and to give some the ah ha moment they need to piece some loose puzzle pieces together – to help those that see the economic crisis and climate change for what makes the most sense.

Please watch this video series, and tell me if it doesn’t change some thinking you may have, and put a different spin on the reason climate change is suddenly of grave concern.

And, followed up in the series with Alex Jones:

And confirmation from Alan Watt:


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