Get rid of these guys and make the fans the owners: How the NHL franchises cannot afford to survive on a few people’s money


  • The NHL is having trouble keeping teams where they are. Thrashers or Coyotes destined for Winnipeg. Hyperinflation in the U.S. might make the NHLPA receptive to more “Canadian” destinations


Winnipeg has been assured a franchise by the NHL?

Oh, really?

Forget the old days where it was taboo to disrupt the fans and the viability, vitality, or whatever “V” word Bill Daly felt good about that day, the time to suck the money dry of deep pockets might be over.

Take this picture of a group of guys that might as well be three times as many….the owners of the conglomerate of the Atlanta Thrashers.

Click the pic to see why the “Atlanta Spirit LLC” is running out of resources to keep the spirit alive in Atlanta.

The fans, it is claimed, are discerning on how they want to spend their money.

More like, the fans are broke, the State is broke, and the U.S. is broke.

U.S. unemployment is jokingly and pathetically posted at 9. (something) %. Want the truth, things are so bad people have given up looking for work — they aren’t part of the numbers. True unemployment is conservatively well over 20%.

Discerning fans may be choosing food or overpriced NHL hockey….hmmmm let’s think –  – Food wins!

The days of overpriced athletics is going quickly by way of the DoDo bird.

In the short run, Canada will be the newfound hero, where suddenly, with the Canadian buck priced over the U.S. greenback, there will not be the argument that the players are paid in U.S. dollars. Soon the NHLPA will be negotiating the players be paid in Yuan or Renminbi, or how about gold or silver coins? Players in the NHL may be looking at how much their pay is worth, similar to the way we look at how gas prices look ’cause the tank is low, and well, can I hang on ’till tomorrow?

Gary Bettman perhaps saw the future a long time ago. Those deep pocketed guys that were easy to abuse like Jerry Moyes are long gone. The groups of 10, 12, heck 25 won’t cut it either.

Perhaps they should sell shares of the NHL teams at the arena by the same vendors that sell programs. I can hear it now, Programs, shares, get your ownership here!

Tony Tavares’ pockets weren’t deep enough not long ago….my my, how things change quickly!


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