Honest Mistake?: Fox faux’s up, and if they were genuine, why would they have “milked the booing” on the original “mistake”?


  • Fox News admits to using last year’s CPAC tape ” in error”, not this year’s tape, to suggest crowd booed Ron Paul’s victory; opposite is true


Fox sure took occasion to milk the booing (only problem it was from 2010 not 2011), by really driving the point home on making sure they emphasized that Paul was booed.

They sure made a point to paint the Congressman as a narrow margin victor. It’s true, they don’t consider the American public too bright. It’s sad to watch manipulated news at it’s most dismal.

The contrary was true. It would not have helped the controlled media goal of putting Palin or Romney in the White House. Paul is too much a libertarian to control; too focused on ending the Federal Reserve; too big on the Constitution and people’s rights.

They better make it up to Ron Paul. The people have spoken.

And incidentally, I think that Ron Paul is “unphased” by his understanding of how the game is played. The man has smarts, integrity, and most of all the guts to put up with more than most of us will ever see.


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