Don’t turn your back while Hillary talks about your rights (or else!)


  • Ray McGovern, former CIA Analyst beaten and dragged away from Hillary Clinton speech (ironically on “free speech in Egypt”)
  • McGovern responsible in the past for briefing daily intelligence under Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush, the National Security Advisor, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Cabinet


In fairness, I suppose freedom of speech does not include freedom of “no speech”

Very little needs to be said when a visual says it all. The only thing I will add is the information about the protestor, who was no ordinary citizen. Did the goons that beat him up know who they were messing with? Or, was that the reason they were so abusive?

Its true, it’s prophecy, and the witnessing of history in the making that gives one a shiver up the spine. As if a premonition, watching certain events send signals to the soul that something very sinister is happening in this world.

For Hillary Clinton, it was business as usual despite the hypocrisy of the moment – – talking about freedom, when someone’s rights were violated right before her eyes – – appearing cold and uncaring,  methodically carrying out her mission. Her demeanor could best be described as simply “going through the motions”. But there was a hint of regret in her face. Something you could almost feel sorry for.

With all the exposure of the Clintons’ role in aiding and abetting the collapse of America and the world, it must frankly suck to know it’s all coming unglued. There will be much  fallout for those involved. The truth and the roles of the players in this deadly charade will be known. And worse than facing the music is watching yourself get caught. It must be very stressful. You can see it on many of the globalists’ faces. Where’s the fountain of youth they are supposed to have available? Many won’t make it, it would seem, to see that day. They too are being deceived by the great deceiver.

And how much trouble do they anticipate for those accused of being Bilderberg controlled as the world catches on? Quite a bit it would seem, judging by the overreaction of the security officials to the roaring silence of McGovern’s protest.

It’s apparently not much fun anymore,  being  part of  Club Bilderberg.



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